would you like to fly in a plane with no window

Would YOU like to Fly in a Plane with no Windows ?

Can you imagine traveling eight to nine hours across the ocean in a plane that does not have a window?

For those who are confused about the closed environment, then this journey will not be right in any way.

would you like to fly in a plane with no window

Sir Tim Clark, the head of Dubai’s Emirate Airlines, says that in the coming years the talk of a plane with no windows is going to come true.

In fact, the airline’s first class cabin section was seen on Wednesday. There was not a single window in the cabin.

If there is no windows, the outside view of the plane will be shown to passengers by a system of cameras attached to fiber optics.

Clark says that the passengers who want to see them will be shown them.

It has already been started in the first class cabin of the Emirate Boeing 777-300ER and will soon be implemented in the entire plane.

Actually, in the plane the windows will replace virtual windows.

Would like to fly in a plane with no windows ?, Weird Globe
Would like to fly in a plane with no windows ?

Clarke told the BBC, “Imagine that there are no windows outside the plane in which the plane is boarding. But when you come in, you know that because of not having a window, you are in the plane whose texture has become very strong. The weight of the aircraft will decrease, it will help to fly faster and reduce fuel consumption. ”

John Strickland, a specialist in aviation affairs, says that having no window means that the scope for change in plan design will increase. In every case there will be savings. The weight of the plane will be low and fuel costs will be less.

Although Strickland says that they would prefer to watch outside the plane from the window as a ride. He said that he does not want to compromise on the window because the artificial window can not be the choice of the real window.

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Security Issue :

There may be disagreements in the motion of the airplane without a window.

In the Cranfield University of England, knowledge expert of aircraft safety professor Graham Brathwaat said that in case of emergency, the aircraft crew should be able to look outside.

It is important to know what is happening outside the plane. Especially when people need to be removed in an emergency.

The aircrafts will need to see that they look outside the situation. If there is a fire outside then it will not be possible to see it without opening the door. In such a situation, the complexity will increase.

Under these circumstances, authorities looking at the safety of the aircraft may have difficulty getting approval.

Would YOU like to Fly in a Plane with no Windows ?

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