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What are things to do in berlin?
What are things to do in berlin ?
What are things to do in berlin ?

Have you ever visit berlin? What are things to do in berlin? Sooner or later you think about it. But you doesn’t know much about things to do in berlin. This is best article for you if you are curious to know about berlin.

There is best things to do in berlin. This is best place for traveller enthusiast. The city of Berlin is very beautiful and clean. If you want to explore the beautiful beauty of this city, do not just cycle or travel by bicycle.

In the blue sky and the freshness of the winds, the historic city of Berlin is just enjoying the excursions in the bicycle. There can be a bicycle rental and the whole city can be swept around. 

What are Things to Do in Berlin ?

In this city you will learn what is special for tourists. Let’s see best place in berlin and things to do in berlin.

The city also serves as a great place to learn more about Germany and its people and is a great base from which to explore other parts of the country too.

And of course, Berlin also has some excellent beer and food that is well worth sampling.

1. Tiergarten Garden :

What are things to do in berlin?
What are things to do in berlin?

Tiergarten, i.e. a century ago, the site of the members of the family of  Berlin. It is a dense but very systematic giant garden spread over 300 acres in the heart of the city. There are many lakes in the middle and there are many parks and grasslands for children to play in it.

Berlin’s clean blue sky is enough to fill the adventures, but Tiergarten’s clear air is just another matter. Those freshness can be felt in many hilly areas. But Berlin spreads 800 square kilometers and is the world’s most populous city with a population of 36 million.

2. River spree :

berlin spree river, What are things to do in berlin

There is a Spree river near Tiergarten, on which both cycling rides can be enjoyed. The cruise facility in the Spree river is also accessible. About 90 minutes of cruise, the history of Berlin is given, which takes a lot of time to learn through the internet or books.

The Spree River is an important part of Berlin’s culture. On one side of this river there are more than one historic buildings, while on the other hand there are crowds of tourists and tourists. Artists who perform their skills around the river also get a chance to become complacent.

Street artists like Berlin are rarely seen anywhere Some of whom are teaching puples dance, then listening to some old country songs. You can enjoy these hours, but do not forget to give some reward to them before going.

3. Holocaust Memorial :

what are things to do in berlin?
what are things to do in berlin?

The memorial is made up of 2,711 large rectangular stones as a tribute to the Jews that died during the war as a result of Hitler’s “Final Solution.” Below the stone you find a very touching museum that focuses on the lives of individual families – well worth a visit (free)…… please be prepared for some tears!

4. Island museums :

Things to do in Berlin, Germany Tourism, Germany travel

Island of museum is located near the Spree River. Interestingly, there are 5 museums here. You must have at least three days to complete all the 5 museums properly.

There is no better place than this to know about the News Museum (new museum), the second world war. Here is a complete history of Hitler’s epoch. There is also a hallmark of Hitler as to how much propaganda used as a ruler, which shakes any normal person from inside.

Before the second world war, a child’s room of a German family has been displayed. Hitler’s picture is on the wall of the child’s room, because then it was told by the government that if there was a photo of Hitler in the little children’s room, then he would be faster and patriotic.

5. Parliament Building of Richstag :

Built in 1894, this building is the most attractive tourist spot in Berlin today. In 1933, it was completely destroyed by the fire. He was lying for many decades.

Later, after the unification of Germany, it is now being used again as a Parliament House. You have to make an online reservation one day before going to the Dome made up of it. But after reaching there, seeing the whole of Berlin is a different experience in itself.

6. Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Wall :

How the Winter War was affecting the lives of the masses, it is better than anyone else in Berlin Wall Most of the tourists and memorial spots are connected to the Metro and public bus systems.

7. Barghane Night club :

It is considered to be the best nightclub in the world. The rules for visiting this club, located near Berlin’s Ostwaheft railway station, are very different. It is open 24 hours and people will always be seen in the line.

The more they are allowed to go in, they are sent back. In a way, it has made one of its own cults. If you are wearing a lot of fancy clothes at the time of entry, hardly get in. Narmal black jeans and black t-shirts will get comfortable entry. It will be better if you come to a few German languages.

8. Oktober fest :

This festival takes place in Berlin in the beginning of winter. Which has its own different views. Famous for beer made in Germany, this event is a great opportunity to know about local culture. Well, such events have started happening for years now.

East side gallery, What are things to do in berlin ?

9. East Side Gallery :

The colourful East Side Gallery is the largest open-air gallery in the world and features a series of striking artworks on a stretch of the former Berlin Wall. Stretching for over 1.3 kilometres, the East Side Gallery is the longest single segment of the Berlin Wall still remaining.

Right after the wall fell in 1989, 118 artists from 21 different countries painted this section of the wall. The artworks make a political commentary on events during the time as well as spread messages of love and peace.

Conclusion :

If you only have a few days to explore the city, don’t worry. Weirdglobe has put together a definitive list of the best attractions in Berlin to help you best plan your visit. one million people gathering to bring in the New Year at one of Berlin’s most iconic sites.

What are Things to Do in Berlin ?

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