Does you ever visit mauritius?

Located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a very beautiful country. Even after coming away from India, you feel like living in your country. Knowing this place you will not be able to live here …

What is Mauritius Famous for :

Famous writer Mark Twain once said that Ishwar(GOD) first created Mauritius and then created heaven from him. Even before the plane touches the land of Mauritius, you get the reality of this statement of Mark Tw

n that why he has given this statement.

A beautiful contrast of sea-shaking waves, white shining sand sand, and blue-colored water, hitting the green landscapes, proud hillside hills, proud of the rocks in the hills, and the hills. By standing on the seashore, you can see the beauty of the natural beauty.

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what is mauritius famous for

Bihar-UP Spectacular :

Going from the airport to Port Louis, in India, a wide range of sugarcane spread like far away from western Uttar Pradesh, like the fields of Maharashtra, the fields of black soil, Konkan and Barasati villages of Kerala, the landscape of the village, Bihar’s Ara Like any village of Bhojpuri speaking people It all seemed like seeing that it is said about Mauritius that there is another India away from India. Small India, your India Where there is Panchavati and Chitrakoot too, Gangasagar is also there and also the happy people who believe in them.

Reading stories of India’s undergraduates found that it was found that the people of India had been seduced that the people of Mauritius … such a magical country, where the stone that will rotate, it will get gold under it.

It is possible that it is possible that the gold under the stone is hidden, but it will be said to be the reward of his hard work that the dream of the dream which was brought here brought to him, he showed the same dream. First of all, he waged a war of independence and made Mauritius his name and then installed Mauritius on the world map by earning his blood and sweat.

Port Louis City :

We stayed in a resort built on the beach ahead of Port Louis. Two friends were together. Throughout the history of Mauritius, there was talk of the history, society, economy, but the mind repeatedly kept going outside the window. Clouds, clean streets, greenery, playing away from the hills.

The hotel was beautiful, like a dream land. Where you can see Anant from one end, a blue infinity, somewhere like the horizons and the ocean, some have given a flute, just leave a small footpath to the sun’s arrival and go to the sun. I am seen falling in the sea.

Immigrant jetty :

The next morning, when the Mauritius went out to roam, the first time the migrants arrived. Those stairs of the immigrant ghats are in front of which the workers with the agreement got land to change the fate of Mauritius. Today, UNESCO has declared that place as World Heritage. Seeing the immigrant ghats, the mind was filled with pride. Hardly a better example of the victory over the miseries and shortages of hard work you could see elsewhere.

I was just thinking how it should have come, how it should have descended, how to handle yourself, how the mind will be celebrated, how to be patient, how should the supporters be supported? The reward of forcible, temptation and deception – a deserted island So far, the land of your land, far away from your sky, to send the message of moving and disturbed feelings in the middle of the ocean, perhaps the cloud of Yaksa may also become tired.

And then the story of creation will begin. Those stairs are still safe, from which they first climbed on this island. Years ago, it is a tribute to the tireless efforts of the ancestors brought from India, who made this uninhabitable island so beautiful that the tourists are roaming around from every corner of the world. Diligence and discipline is inherited by the citizens here. Always smiling people working Self-respect on national pride and asmita The pride of being associated with India and the self-esteem of the creation of an autonomous system.

Glimpse of Indianity :

In any village of Mauritius you should wear women wearing chanting, wearing sophisticated Indian dress saris, chanting chants, singers, kajirs or women, do not be surprised. A famous writer from Mauritius believes that these women are those who have kept India alive in our rituals, traditions, languages and within us. The burning person on every side of the basil outside every house has kept us from our past.

Maheshwaranath Temple :

The Maheshwaranath temple situated in the northern part of Mauritius is also known as ‘Triolet Shivala’. In fact, this temple has been a symbol of Hindu identity in Mauritius for two centuries. The most beautiful Sagar Shiva temple is situated on a delectable island in eastern Mauritius. The flag of Sagar Shiva flowing between sea waves and sea breeze coming from all the four sides, declares that the honor of Indianness in Mauritius will always remain high.

In the evening we went to the Ganga Lake, where there is another scenic spot. The place of various gods and goddesses around Shiva statue, sacred pool and rhythm of 108 feet high. The center of spirituality and reverence, where the eyes seem to sit idle. The atmosphere is such that the hands get involved in prayer itself. God has given only seven colors of boon to Mauritius, which can be seen in many places.

Eastern part of Mauritius :

The eastern part of Mauritius is a more green but rudimentary, due to which you see nature in full color. The white beaches of Palamar and Baelmar are very picturesque. Grand Greyhound and Grand Bay are the major centers on this side. The south-east is famous for its tall rocks, from which you look beautiful at the southern tip of the island.

The west coast is famous for its amazing sunset and deep water fishing. Surfers should go to Tamerin, which is the Surfing Center of Mauritius. A special experience of traveling to Mauritius was when we reached a beautiful beach called Gris Gris. Usually the sea of Mauritius is calm, blue, but the gris-gris sea is very restless, fast and scary. Usually sea color is not black, but it looks here. This place is still captivating, also visible. We are returning but we do not miss Mauritius. We are coming back to the blue sea in the eyes..this country away from India.

What is Mauritius Famous forĀ 


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