Facts about Alaska, Alaska tours, Alaska trip
Facts about Alaska

Have you Know about Alaska ? Do you want to known some amazing facts about alaska? Then read this article full to get know about some amazing facts about alaska that you did’t known.

Alaska Located in the north-west end of the North American continent, Alaska is a state of the Americas. America’s Russian Empire From Alaska on March 30, 1867. In 1959 it became the 49th state of the United States.

Alaska is a state of this country, located beyond the US mainland. Whose whole world of beauty is unique. Earlier in the north of Canada, the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the south-west and Russia in the west. According to the area, Alaska is the largest state in 50 states of the United States.

13 Facts about Alaska ( Amazing Facts ) – Weirdglobe

Its population is approximate 0.74 million out of which half its anchorage lives in the metropolis. Alaska The Lowest Population Density State in the United States.

  • On March 30, 1867, the United States Senate decided to buy Alaska from the Russian Empire. Then for Russia 72 Million dollars were repaid. That was 4.74 Dollars for every acre.
  • After this land passed through several official changes, it was considered an organized area on May 11, 1912, and on 3 January 1959, it was declared the 49th state of America.

The name of this state of Alaska was used since the time of the Russian Empire, which means the main land or homeland.

Facts about Alaska
Facts about Alaska

13 Facts About Alaska : 

  • First of all, Alaska was discovered in 1741. It was when a Danish inventor, Jonesson Bering, returned from Siberia.
  • Alaska has over 3,000 rivers and over 30 million lakes.
  • It is impossible to reach the capital of Alaska by road.
  • In some parts of it the sun does not hide 84 days. It is the largest and smallest day in its place called Barrow, located 800 miles south of the North Pole. On the morning of May 10, when the sun rises, it does not last for three months and when it sank on November 18, the citizens here Then they can not see the sun for two months.
  • It is illegal to bribe the hunting of bears in Alaska, but it is illegal to raise any bear who is sleeping to take photographs.
  • Alaska produces 25 percent of US oil production.

• More than half of the glaciers in the world exist in Alaska.

  • Japan’s army attacked Alaska at the time of World War 2. It is believed that more Americans were killed in Alaska than Pearl Harbor.
  • On April 1, 1974, black smoke fluttered near a volcano in Alaska. Seeing this, when the Coast Guard arrived near the smoke, it was seen that 70 tires were burning and the flower was written on April.
  • A place in Alaska is such a pizza place. Which delivers pizza to people from the plane.
  • The Mayor Place of Alaska’s was a cat for 15 years.
Facts about Alaska
Facts about Alaska
  • Alaska is a state in the US that you can type in English through the letters of the same line of theKeyboard.
  • In Alaska, 5000 earthquakes occur every year.
  • Russia is only 2 miles away from a remote location in Alaska.

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13 Facts about Alaska ( Amazing Facts ) – Weirdglobe


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