Beautiful Places in Belgrade
Beautiful Places in Belgrade

If you are planning to travel outside of India, instead of going to UK, USA and Australia, go to some place where you can learn the beauty of the city and learn to live with it as well.

The list of such Coolest cities includes Belgrade¬†which is the capital of Serbia. Where you can fulfill all your wishes. So you know what’s special in this city.

Here is some Coolest places in Belgrade Serbia. Belgrade City is a perfect destination for all types of travelers. Where there are many options to roam and stay, food, nightlife is very cheap. Meaning less money you can enjoy a lot.

Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia to Visit – Weirdglobe

View in Belgrade as Connaught Place in Delhi , India :

Republic Square is the Central Point of Belgrade, where most of the local and local tourists are seen. The look of this place, like the other European town square, is just like the Connaught Place in New Delhi, where there is no shortage of options for shopping to eating and roaming.

Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia
Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia

View of Republic Square :

In the middle of the Republic Square, there is a statue sitting on Prince Michael’s horse. Belgrade’s most famous buildings such as the National Museum and the National Theater are in this area. Here the evening sunshine are seen.

People sitting comfortably on eating benches between the colorful and musical fountains and eating drinks and coffee. Be alone, with a partner or with a family. Everyone can come here and spend quality time.

The view of the day here is quite different in summer. The colorful flowers on the four sides do not leave any stone unturned to make the city Coolest, while the muddy evening starts with a magical view. You can realize from midnight until the sun sets.

Belgrade’s Lifestyle :

The culture and lifestyle here also attract people especially. Dinner in restaurants with beer or wine is very normal here every night, because alcohol is very cheap here and most of the nightclubs are entry-free.

There is no other place, like Republic Square to spend quality time with partner. Where you can enjoy light music with your partner for hours. Outside the bar, people can be seen singing and singing, whose purpose is to show their talents to more people than earning money.

People coming from India or any other place feel very relaxed because there is no mall culture in place. By sitting comfortably in the open space, you can share all kinds of things with personal and professional and can relax more than that. Well the tourists come to enjoy nightlife especially because there is a lot of cafe and night clubs and entry absolutely free.

Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia to visit
Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia

Safe city for women :

Apart from this, Belgrade is at the top of the list of Europe’s safest cities, obviously, the number of tourists is much higher than the rest of the place. Confidence can be easily seen in women singing and singing outside bars outside Republic Square.

In recent years, the journey of the Solo Trip has increased very fast, in which women are not far behind. And along with the adventure for them, Safety also matters a lot. In such a situation, he is looking for such places where he can fully enjoy the trip.

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Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia to Visit – Weirdglobe


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