Statue of Liberty Tours
Statue of Liberty Tours

Hey! Sooner or later You read the word “Statue of Liberty”But does you know about statue of liberty? and some curious facts of Statue of Liberty? Have you plan for Statue of Liberty Tour?

The Statue of Liberty Island locate near the American city New York. The¬†old name of the Island of Liberty was Bedlodge Island. This statue has a torch in one hand and a book in the other hand. The Statue of Liberty, considered to be America’s identity, Actually US received the gift from France.

What about Statue of Liberty – Tour to Statue of Liberty

Statue of gift given by Francisco in the memory of independence received on 4th July, 1776. Liberty was built with joint efforts of both France and the United States. Between the two governments
Under the agreement, “the Americans formed the statue of this idol while the French gave shape and form to the statue”

Its full name is Liberty Enlightenment the World (Freedom World). The steel structure of this giant statue is prepared by two famous French architects Eugen Emanuel Viol le Dock and Alexander Gustav Eiffel. Eiffel vi Designers who designed the world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris also.

This statue was prepared in France in May 1884, while in June 1885, it was about 200 pieces in America. This magnificent statue of copper was brought to New York port on June 17, 1855. The statue was erected by adding them to New York Harbor and it was dedicated to America on October 28, 1886
was done.

Grove Cleveland, the then President of America, has received this gift from the people of France.

Interesting facts about Statue of Liberty :

1. The book on the left hand of Statue of Liberty is written in the Roman language on 4th July, 1776 in the Roman script, the day the United States was liberated.

2. This statue is covered with copper and its light green color is also copper. At the time of formation, its color was brown like a new copper but with the humidity of the time, its color became light green with copper reaction.

3. The total weight of the image is 225 tonnes or 2 lakh 25 thousand kg.

4. There are total 359 curved stairs and its crown has 25 windows. This statue is created with the inspiration of Roman Goddess ‘Libertas’ because it is considered as the goddess of freedom. The sculptor made it on the basis of his mother’s face.

5. It took some time for more than 9 years to build it. Its parts were made in France, including its head.

6. Seven nitrons that have emerged from the crown of the statue show the seven continents of the world. A nail length is 9 feet and weighs 68 kg.

7. The torch of the Statue of Liberty was first made in 1876, but in 1916 by German soldiers during World War I. In the bombing, it was damaged. It cost $ 100,000 to recover it again. After that the torch stairs has been closed. The old torch of the Statue of Liberty was replaced in 1984 with a torch of torch which has 24 kilograms of gold plated.

8. Due to the height of the idol, about 300 times the sky power also collides with it. If this power is collected then it is made of 600 volts.

9. Two people have committed suicide by jumping in 1929 and 1932. There are some who escaped after jumping.

10. More than 3 million people reach each year to see it.

11. Statue of the height of the 151-foot though basis, including its full length 305 feet its height almost 22-storey building is equal.

What about Statue of Liberty – Tour to Statue of Liberty

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