Why does the Sun Shines, weird Globe
Why does the Sun Shines

Very often People Think that why does the sun shines in the morning? if u have curiosity to know why does sun shines? Then read this full post briefly. Surely, it’s helpfull for you. Have you ever thought of what it is made of ?

To a large extent,  the sun is made up of hydrogen,  which is converted into the element helium inside the sun’s atmosphere.  In the resultant fusion of two hydrogen atoms with helium,a lot of energy is released.  As a result,  the core of the sun heats up to an unimaginable temperature:  about 8 million c!  On the surface of the sun,  the temperature is only around 5500 °C.  The sun releases this heat energy in the form of radiation,  which gives it its fiery glow. 

Why does the Sun Shines ?

About every 11 years,  the surface of the sun changes and what we know as sunspots occur.  The surface is somewhat cooler and darker around the spots.  Thus,  they radiate less energy.  A few researchers believe that an increase in the occurrence of these spots causes ice ages on the Earth.

Ever morning when we look towards the sky, So the sun rises and shines. It is very big and bright and is arguably hot too. The sun is actually a very big star and our galaxy is the brightest object of ‘Milky Way‘.

It is located 26,000 light-years away from the center of the galaxy, and it completes one cycle in 225 to 250 million years. This billion is the center of our solar system. Its gravity is that which does not allow other planets to go beyond its location.

Why does the Sun Shines, weird Globe
Why does the Sun Shines

Reason for why does sun shines ?

Our sun is a big ball of hot gases in which hydrogen is in high quantity. The surface temperature of the Sun is about 10000 degrees Fahrenheit and its center temperature is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.

Its temperature and pressure are so high that it creates another gas helium by colliding hydrogen molecules in each other. This reaction is called ‘nuclear fusion‘ and it produces a large amount of energy in the form of light and heat.

This is why the sun shines so much. It is the energy or the light of the sun, which is why life on earth is possible.

Surreal Elements about the Sun:

• Sunlight takes 8.3 minutes to reach the Earth.

• The sun will now exist for the next 5-7 billion years until it is present in its entire hydrogen Does not do.

• 99.8 percent of the entire claw of our solar system is the sun.

• Its diameter is 109 times more than the diameter of the Earth.

• It is constantly changing and every billion years passes. Only 10 percent is getting shiny. During the next billion years, the sunlight and heat will become so dense. That water and life will not exist.

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Why does the Sun Shines



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