air pollution
air pollution

The warning is that the time is to remain vigilant. The pollutant says, the air is poisonous. The story is not of a city of nirvana. The cost of breathing may also be known. The time has come to think on the air.

What is Smog effects ?

66,800 children died due to home-based pollution. It was in 2016. Outdoor air pollution Compared to home pollution. Due to the deaths were 10 percent higher.

Smog, smoke and buried in smoke
The breath is blowing, the smoke is sorted out. Lanken, these smoke are now ours Rutsa has become a reality. This is our 24 actions Hours are connected. Rafakka ‘Gaman’ has a song, ‘Chest Burning is a storm in the eyes, everybody in this city. Is there trouble with a person? ‘ This song everyone’s own The story looks like.

Today is the start of our day It is due to know that today’s city How is Haze and smoke in the sky What is it? Alam, it has happened that we are from home Want to know before going out It is poisonous, let’s see how to avoid poison If the arrangements are there and have to run out The poison will be caught
Every day it is known that the country is called Rudra Children in poverty – people living in NCR, Slowly on the haystack, lungs and whole body Dissolved poison has a very bad effect. The government too Just can not decide what to do

However, Now the talk is not just Rafakali, Barakk The entire country is struggling with smoke and smoke. Leracon  stay away from Ridkali-NCR register Here is the situation here. Day-to-day pain is getting worse. This one day Rasalarsala is not, as the prolonged rise, the cities will get worse Remember, in the last year, Taitt match between Sri Lanka’s racquet teams.

During many times, many mammals of Sri Lankan monkeys Wearing on the field and their complaint was He was going to breathe in the ground, Even some of the guardians were uprooted. At that time some people came from Sri Lanka It was criticized and it was said Deliberately handling this matter. even though Most of the people of this incident from the rank of Rashmag The shores have gone down, but the reality is still not the same. Now people walking on the road, Keep on planting, we do not see airlines, We know today, if not tomorrow, we too will look like this Are coming Recently the Ministry of Indigenous Sciences Started from ‘Rastrum of Air Politics’ Forecourt and Rascat ‘(Travel) has reported that To avoid pollution, like the N-95P-100 It would be better to use sticks. Traveled It is feared that the only time to stop was 2.5. 450 particles in the form of particles of the micron Meter can be 2.5 standards of extrinsic standards PM’s 100 percent cubic meter is fragile People can stare at them. more No nights have been done, when this adiagory was released Just go out of the way if needed. Silley wakes up
How long do you have to stop yourself from going out ? Could Not only this, the last night,

The Supreme Court In his order, said that in Rudakali-NCR Use only green firecrackers. Court by The deadline to set firecrackers was also fixed, Did this happen? Supreme Courtesy Tamil nadu And other states of the country like Puducherry also have crackers
Due to running, there were continued exposures. Supreme Court said that in Tamilnadu and Puducherry Time can be changed, but it will be two hours
Do not be too much. Court had said that
Time of crackers in Tamil Nadu including Tamilnadu Should be between 4-5 to 9-10. With these orders Have we learned something ?

Less than five child is affected by 98% of the PM 2.5 in the country.

Danger inside home Even if there is smoke and smoke shadows in the sky We consider ourselves as a happy family. Our confidence in this matter increases further,
When the Government is told that the house
If you stay inside, you can save from pollution. With our trust and our government’s advice. In return, a report from the UHO makes a claim Five years of air pollution inside homes in India in 2016
66,800 children under age were killed.
These deaths resulted from outside air pollution deaths 10 The percent were much more. Less than five years on physical level
For the children of the age, the home is polluted, outside There is more dangerous shade than pollution. Solid Fuel (charcoal) and itching in kurqing Corrosion to be Death for the Children Makes well. India and In those countries, 98 percent children below five years of age Living, where PM 2.5 is far from the standards is more. On a report, on the basis of a report In the last few years, 38 million children from indoor pollution has died.

92% Poor people die in 2016 Due to pollution.

As far as the matter is of no answer, I have no faith in them. Does Sometimes it is also offered in a big way. Yes, I believe that pollution is a terrible problem in our country, Transaction is the only way to combine the death of every kind with pollution. Not It is also true that the pollution condition, asthma Enhances Bimanrio’s work.

air pollution
air pollution

Old Vehicles

This year, the Supreme Court canceled the 29-Control in air pollution is dangerous in NCR Substituting the REG Told that 10 year old diesel and 15
Prevention of yearly petrol vehicles with immediate effect To be installed. In the prevention of pollution Radical Regions Division of 4 million vehicles Registration canceled Though it is here Wake up, the old man in NCR Will stop, Lekaran poisoned roads across the country When there will be a hammer on all such wheels. The effect of pollution is not affected by any border Is tied. In such a situation, India is not only neighboring India The effect of pollution in India is also affected. And in Arak, it affects the whole afternoon.

Decree of closure of old vessels It is easy, let us also look at those murkalkals Need to shut down the old shaft Will come later. For example, most old ladies It is used in the Paralak transpotate and Burning Transatlantic Blunder The structure is extremely weak. If the old ones Will be removed, arguably for the common people It will be a huge problem. Ralhaza, We also have to find out the rickshaws To be fixed that the end of a problem was second Do not make the beginning of trouble. Pollution is more heavier on the poor In 2015, a report based on ‘The Lancet’ Depending on the condition of 25 million people in India in 2015
Death was done with non-communicable blood, Razzaq The direct connection was from pollution. Maternal mortality. In case of India, second in China after Duranaya Was in the footsteps. No, the second feeder Low and middle income people pollute most Were much charged. Death due to pollution 92 percent of the population kept this eyeball alive.

air pollution

E-Vehicle Wins Can fight

High price, low capacity, less it, reporting of The safety of the security is such that the large e-transport Are not able to become like. A recent lecheron The shocking thing came out that in India, 87% In place of the challenger diesel and petrol, the e-vehicles are ready to use, if they do this Pollution is low. One of 2018’s Ricky Tithy organization According to the report, 11% of India’s emissions
Rahatsa is a tourist and it is polluted in many cities across the country. Is bigger than that. In 20 most polluted cities of Duranaya 14 belong to India Not only about 76 percent of the drip and Lions were saying that their dots, family members And the neighbors were charged with poor quality of air.
Way to see Davao Nearly 4 lakh e-shirts were sold in the last year, Selling more than half of the 2.25 lacs in China alone went.

In the case of Larkan E-Shipings The work is doing nivive. In the new channel sold in the last year in the nova 45 percent were electric electrotrakes. Charging of e-rings in Naveve
The biggest open garage of Duranaya for the maintenance and maintenance has been made. On the streets of Noise, car parking in place Free Charging Points have been made, where e-ships have been made can go. Even in India, the promotion of e-ships The government has decided that the registration of vehicles will be done.

There will be concession in taxes. Larken, the real estate channel To create a blueprint structure, to make For this we can learn from the Noise.


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