Importance of Rainforest
Importance of Rainforest

Importance of Rainforest

Rain forests are dense, hot and humid forests. Heavy in these rain forests. There is rains and trees become very tall because they have to compete with other plants for sunlight. Cotton trees found in tropical rain forests around the world can grow up to 200 feet.

The branches of the highest tree and the leaves spread so that they block the light on the trees below. These tall trees make an umbrella over the forest. When a big tree dies and dies. So the spot goes down from the empty space so that a small tree can grow faster and replace it.

Rain forests licking layers :

The first layer is made of those tallest trees which are taller than the rest of the forest.

In the next layer, the leaves and branches of trees are all touching each other or attached to the vines and one above the forest. Most people live in this part of the rain forest. Below this, the third layer is made of small trees and plants which do not require much light.

Importance of Rainforest
Importance of Rainforest

The last layer is the bottom of the forest where only some plants grow because here it is always dark.

Famous Rain Forest Africa is Asia’s rainforest in the Middle and South American continents. The largest rain forest is the Amazon Rainforest. Which is roughly equivalent to the size of the United States. More than half of it Brazil is in but it spreads to several other South American countries, including Ecuador and Bolivia.

Congo is the second largest rain forest in Africa. Some parts of it are spread over other countries except Congo, including Cameron and Central African Republic.

Most and forests are found near or near the equator, where the weather remains hot but some rain forest temperate. Areas grow in areas where this season is slightly cold. In the Olympic National Park on the northwest coast of North America’s Pacific Ocean, Hoh and Forest are examples of temperate rain forests.

Just like tropical rain forests, there is heavy rain in the temperate rain forests too.

Many types of plants also grow in the rain forests. Lianas are thick wooden vines which grow on trees. When these creepers reach the top of the tree, they spread on other trees and climbing down the forest. Goes. Orchidbans and bromelias There are other rain forest plants.

Importance of Rainforest
Coastal temperate rain forest, Drift Creek, Oregon.

The water cycle :

Plants leave the water in the atmosphere. And this water falls on the earth in the form of rain. Rainforest trees 200 every year. You can leave a lot of water to the gallon. This water forms a thick layer of clouds on the rainforest, so it is always hot and moist.

Rainfall in some rain forests is more than one inch per day. And forest not only rains but also carbon dioxide
By helping to absorb the climate, the climate of the world helps keep balance. This is important because the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be more heat and hot.

The Life of the rain forest :

More than half of Dania’s animals live in rain forests. Vampire bat’s giant bats and anaconda (heavy snakes) are found in the rain forests of South America.

Bengal Tiger and Orangutan are found in Asian rain forests and chimpanzees live in Africa’s rain forests.

Many small animals live in rain forests, including ants of dragonfly, tree frog, and at least hundreds of species. Many plants and animals of the rain forest have not yet been discovered.


Importance of Rainforest


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