How to repair corrupt pdf file
How to repair corrupt pdf file

If Your pdf file is corrupted  and you want to know how to repair it ? then this post is really helpfull for you. Sometime, if your important file is corrupted then it is difficult to understand what to do? Here you see best method to repair corrupted pdf file.

If the Corrupted PDF file is not open, it means that it has been corrupted. Recovering the data in such a situation gets tough. Here we are telling you some ways that will be able to repair the entire corrupted PDF file online. In addition, you will also be able to restore PDF file as original.

How to Repair Corrupted Pdf File Online | Corrupted File

These are Top method use to Repair pdf corrupted file Online 

PDF reader :

If there is a problem with the PDF file, check your Adobe Acrobat Reader(That is most common PDF viewer) First of all check whether the program is running on latest version or not. For help, go to Help> Check for Updates. If there is a new version, you will be told that the program is running on an up-to-date or an old version.

After this the updates will be asked to install. Now open the Corrupted PDF. If this does not work, then open Adobe Acrobat Reader Now navigate to Help repair installation. If there is no any problem with the corrupted file, then it will be fine. If still not okay, then go to the app and search the Adobe Acrobat Reader then uninstall it. After that go to Adobe’s website, and install the latest version. If the corrupted file does not open after this, then get help from an alternative PDF reader.

• Try PDF Repair S:

Some applications may also be used to repair PDF files, some software is also available to download Is not needed. They can also be used with the browser, such as PDFFed ( ), Repair PDF ( and PDF Tools Online (www. ) In addition, you can also use Specialist File Repair Programs such as FileRepair ( ). It scans and repairs Corrupted PDF files online.

How to repair corrupt pdf file
How to repair corrupt pdf file

More Option to  How to Repair Corrupted Pdf File Online| Corrupted File

• Extract data from PDF:

If you are not able to repair the whole corrupted PDF file, then you have the option to get the text and photo from the file. Programs such as PDA converter can get help to get text from a PDF file.

For this, you can get the text with the help of PDF to Word File Converter ( If your PDF also has an image, then the image can be acquired with the help of PKPDF converter ( In these ways, you can open or repair corrupt PDF files.

• Alternative PDF Reader:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is not an option to view PDFs but you can also try different programs. The Foxite Reader and Sumatra PDF Reader are free. After downloading it, open the corrupt PDF file here and here, besides, You can also try Okular and Evans.

Where other software does not work, it easily opens the file, because it is a different way to read PDF file Uses. Even if the PDF file is still not open, then now you have to repair you PDF file.

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How to Repair Corrupted Pdf File Online | Corrupted File


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