how to increase brain power fast
how to increase brain power fast

Did you ever do that you try to remember something And nothing appear in your mind. It can happen many times in a while.

However, Tips have been adopted to remove the weakness of the memory and to increase the power of the brain.

Regular Exercise: By Exercise

The brain is better. Better interaction between cells Occurs and also the formation of new cells Happens. Exercise Can take more oxygen than and Exercise in the open and also Vitamin ‘D’ Get.

Staring to remember:

This technique Use by the actors. If you do Remind her to do things with the movement There is a greater chance of being. Just like if you give a presentation Whether to give a speech or a speech, prepare for it Walking or dancing your notes for Remember to be different.

Balanced diet:

Whatever sugar and Energy consumes 20 percent of its The part goes straight to the brain, this is the reason The brain’s working condition is glucose Depends on the level .If your Sugar level is not controlled then your brain Confusion can be done. Such food may be better for eating, due to which Dopamine Chemical Exits Also keep in mind that the brain Cells are made of fat, so eat Do not give up using fat. other than this Dry spinach and fish too Are better for our brain.

Avoid Stress:

Stress For The Mind Better because in the emergency Your brain thinks faster but Staying Tired for More Time Not so good for time Perfectly cut off from the world at time. It happens because it relaxes the mind Get.

Looking for new challenges: Brain-healthy

It is important to keep that challenge you
Keep doing, keep learning new things. Meaning someone Learn new language or learn any new art By doing you can increase your brain capacity are there. If not able to do all this, then your friends and family members play online games.

Listen to music: On the music’s mind

There is magical effect. Listen to someone
Watch or watch a musical instrument
You will feel that his whole body is active
is. Many times the cases of custodial death
Music has also been seen to benefit from.

Read and sleep if you are in the day

If you read something new, give it to your brain Cells are added to the cells, when you
Those who sleep are strong and Whatever you teach, your memories Sleep is so involved in sleep The most important element to keep is. This only The reason is that watching movies before sleeping or Avoid seeing horror stories. Should sleep with positive experiences.

Sufficient with sunlight

Sleep is very important but too much gold.
Can cause harm. You five hours If you sleep less than you mentally Can not be alert Can also happen when you have more than 10 hours Sleep.

The best condition is that you dark
Sleep in and light up slowly Rising in the form of sunlight This light When passing through your eyelids, it passes. So mind ready for better response Does. Sunlight does not come in the house If so, buy an alarm in which the light Have a system installed.

How to increase brain power fast


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