weirdglobe,home security app on android, home security system
home security app on android

Home Security Apps for Android :

You can monitor your home with the help of App in your non-existence. You can also see the picture of your house continuously using the apps given below.These are Home Security Apps for Android.

weirdglobe,home security app on android, home security system
home security app on android

If you often live abroad and worry about monitoring your home, some apps can help you. Due to being abroad, sometimes you do not get enough information from the cameras at home or many times they are not connected to the phone.

The main reason for that is that the APIs of those apps are not in those countries. There are some apps, whose servers are in most countries and they are easily found on the Google Play Store. With the help of these, the sub-house can help to secure the house.


Manything –

You feel that putting a CCTV camera at home will be an expensive investment, so you can get help from older smartphones in your home. Your old phone will only be CCTV when its camera is right. To make the old phone a CCTV camera, it should have Wi-Fi. Just need a right app for this, apart from that you will not have to spend anything.

manything, home security app, weirdglobe, manything app
manything, home security app

Manithing is an android and window app whose service is absolutely free. It can detect motion or sound, as well as send an alert when something looks strange. You can clearly see the live stream captured on your main handset.

ProtonVPN  –

Many VPN services are available for Android. But you can use Proton VPN for free without bandwidth limit. It focuses more on security and privacy. It does not track or record your activity. It provides you hundreds of servers worldwide. Its ‘safe core’ keeps your privacy, even if the VPN End Point server has been compromised.


Ava-24/7 Accessibility


weirdglobe,ava home security app for android
ava home security app for android

Ava is a useful android app for all those who have difficulty listening. It listens to the spoken person and speaks on the screen. Alternatively if you are talking to a person with hearing difficulties, you can also show him a text version of what you are saying to him.

Ava can learn your voice, so it’s better. By the way you can determine whether you are speaking or someone else.

Home Security Apps for Android

Cerberus Personal Safty

weirdglobe,Cerberus Personal Safty, home security app for home
Cerberus Personal Safty, home security app for home

Curers Personal Safety is a useful app for android. This allows you to share real-time location with your friends and family, from which you can

You can share the location of yourself and your home. The map provided on this also opens in the browser, so your family does not need an installed app to use it.


TravelSafe Pro

Travel Safes Pro is a great app for android, especially when you are traveling abroad to find important information in times of crisis. Travel Safe Pro lists information on all emergency services around the world, ensuring that there is quick access to emergency. It includes the embassy for the contact number of the daughter-in-law for the police and fire services.



Many people spend most of their time in foreign countries, some things that can prove to be very helpful for them during their stay abroad. These apps can also help abroad in emergency situations, including home surveillance.

These include the Manything,Notebooking,Proton VPN, Pay-27/7 Xsquity, Circulars Personal Safety and Travel Safe Pro, which are available for free on Play Store.

Home Security Apps for Android

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