'Green House Effect' and 'Global Warming'
'Green House Effect' and 'Global Warming'

If we are aware of the ‘green house effect’ then it is also easier to understand ‘global warming’.

What is the ‘Green House Effect

A ‘green house’ is made around a transparent glass or plastic covered area, within which sunlight and heat enter, but do not get out so that the inside temperature remains higher than the outside temperature.

Infrared and ultraviolet rays present in sunlight are entered in the green house, which are planted there Soil, etc., but when they leave these things back they can not get out. The internal temperature of the green house also increases.

'Green House Effect' and 'Global Warming'
‘Green House Effect’ and ‘Global Warming’

This same greenhouse effect also applies to Earth. Radiation of the Sun returns to Earth’s surface space, but some gases such as carbon dioxide have the same function as the Green House for Earth, and the heat and radiation deposits of the sun Due to excessive burning of fossil fuels (gas fuels) like gas oil and coal, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the last few decades There has been a tremendous increase in the amount of Said. As a result, more heat is gathered in the atmosphere, so that the earth is constantly getting warm and the temperature of the earth has increased.

This is ‘global warming’

In this way, the increase in temperature of the earth and due to this due to climate change, is known as ‘Global warming’.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased greatly in recent decades. The massive reduction of forests and vegetation has made the problem more serious. Decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide which is thought by plants through the photosynthesis of forests has come.

We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth
We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth

It is estimated that due to global warming, the temperature of the Earth’s oceans is increasing by one degree Celsius per decade. ‘Due to global warming, vegetation and organism are destroyed and patterns of rainfall and changes in annual seasons There is a serious threat to the health of humans due to global warming. This leads to increase in the birth of mosquitoes. Malaria dengue And the risk of other fatal diseases like these has increased.

As a result of the increase in temperature, melting of ice cubes and glaciers is also increasing in the form of rise in water level and effects on vegetation and animal life.

However, in spite of this, the common man is not able to understand the problem of ‘global warming’ world. This word sounds a little complicated, so it does not go down to its bottom, and most people think that the world is no longer at risk.

While it is the 21st century’s greatest threat to the earth and humans. is. This danger is believed to be greater than the collision of the Third World War or any esteroid to the Earth.

Green house gases are most responsible

The greenhouse gases are the most responsible for this. These are the gases that absorb the heat from the outside or the heat from the outside. If these gases did not exist then the temperature on the earth from the present. The most important gas in this is carbon dioxide which we leave the living beings with breath. Apart from this Nitrous oxides, methane, chloro-fluoro carbon, ozone etc. are similar gases.

‘Green House Effect’ and ‘Global Warming’



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