how google watching you, 19 things google know about you

Google is secretly watching your future. Google Also know about location, your voice, e-mail, what is written etc. Does you want to know how google is watching you ? Then this post is helpful for you. Here, We also discuss methods how to prevent yourself from google tracking.Because your privacy is a matter of concern.

Google knows these 19 things about you and watch you everytime :

1. Your Voice 

2. Name & Birthday

3. Gender

4. Mobile Number

5. Your Google Search

6. On the websites that you

7. Where are you standing now

10. What games, songs, movies Etc.

11. Where you work

12. Where do we live

13. Mail

14. Your Interest

15. Photo

16. Phonebook or Contacts

17. Likes-dislikes

18. What you buy

19. In Days where you are busy

How Google is Watching you : 19 things Google know about you

These days in a country of Europe Increasing gang rape cases Had gone The government was worried. Government ought
Information of such people from Google , which is constantly  searching for related content to gang rape .

Actually the government is Trying to identify those people . Such crimes in the future was to stop. To government Google about potential offenders Many important information was received from That In this work with the government of the time Combined Information and Cyber ​​Security Consultant Abhishek Dhhabai says that This is a hallmark.

More startled This is if Google Internet related activities Can track the future even if you track it is. That too in a few minutes. Recently I found out that location of Despite being Google users Does track. But this only It’s a matter of location. Google
Tracks and tracks ours every work. Like if a user is on Saturday every Saturdays sticks on If the Japanese eats in the restaurant, then Google’s Trend for the Future I know.

What we e-mail, new Send applications for jobs, Call online goods etc. Google’s plan is to customize all these data Can tell. Find out from the trend of search history What you are preparing for. (This story based on the conversation with Abhishek Dhabhai
That is, they have worked with governments of many countries.)

How google is  watching you- Weirdglobe

How google Watching you :

These are the credentials though which google watch you and monitor you 24/7.Let’s see

1. Location of Google’s Application Server :

Google’s machine level programming is such that any of the company’s apps. Tracks user’s location when used on and sends to server Remains. Track all apps location in Google Maps, Voice, Gmail, Chrome etc We do. Share them with Google servers, this is called history. That’s why Even if you stop the location, Google still knows where you are.

According to the report, about 40 input hours per hour related to android phone location and The iPhone sends around 4 inputs per hour.

2. Cookies Detect What We Are Searching :

Google knows what you are searching on the Internet. Google has cookies. By the combination of MAC ID and IP address, it is known that the user Who is it. Regularly coming to the same combinance, it is known that usually What does this person search?

Similarly if you logged in with Gmail ID So all the searches made by your ID keep going to Google. Google Identifier also installs cookies in your computer.

3. Details with photo also goes :

We upload family photos in Google’s Photos app or in the cloud. These are secure, there is no stock from anyone, but they are saved by Google. Not The entire detail of the photos rather than the photos goes to Google itself. Like you
How much edit is the photo, who is tagged, what city has drawn,
What is the reception of the photo, what is the photo’s location, the serial number of the device etc.

how google watching you, 19 things google know about you

4. Tracking through GMAIL :

The second app also asks for permission. We change smartphones on a day-to-day basis because of our contact list. Keep syncing with Google. So that the numbers always remain on e-mail. This way All numbers are reached by Google.

Similarly when we get from Google PlayStore When you download an app then get photos, contact list, microphone, video Asks for access to it, even if it does not need to work in that app. In this way, the entire data of the phone goes to the company that creates the app.

5. Do you know you are on the train or on foot If you even removed the SIM from your phone Is still connected to Wi-Fi or hotspot Only Google will start your tracking. In such case if we Go to different places if Google moves to our By Speed ​​it can detect that we are walking on foot Or in the car or in the train.

Not only this the strength of your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection information, how much charge the phone’s battery
It is, whether the phone is charged on charging or not, etc.

6. Let us start with travel notification :

We know where we are going to go You have often noticed that your flight book A visit and a reminder of your phone’s calendar looks like. Actually, working on Google robotic algorithms
Does. Coding we also have in the mail that we have is. Now when our travel agent e-mails tickets to us.

So Google’s algorithm detects it from the words in the mail That’s the ticket to travel. PNR in the mail for this Word, journey from where, city name, travel company The name just tracks the mail as soon as it arrives. Its After that the information goes to the phone’s calender . Also know about It turns out that Google’s access is to the contents of our e-mail.

7. Our likes and dislikes are known to him Whatever we do with Google, Google algorithm With the help of these companies, Sells for advertising. Like– we have circles that Italian Restaurants in Delhi Now he got the information that Who did the Italian restaurant in the city of Circleia, in which city.

Now Any advertisement related to Italian restaurants in Delhi will be Users will start appearing on the screen. Such millions of users Google likes and dislikes.

How these troubles Can reduce :

1. Save the Location History :

For data and personalization tabs
Go to Location History by setting off
Do it. This is every phone and computer that Do you use it for Even if all have the same account.

2. GPS Signals :

When You Need Then turn on. Web activity
In the setting to save from tracking
Go to Google Account with Data End
Web and app on the Personalization tab
Turn off activity.

3. Voice data :

Google also keep voice data. We call it Voice and Audio
Go to the Activities page Is and can be deleted.

4. Camera Before Uploading Photo :

Settings in the app in the All Apps section Go to Save Location
Give it In Google Settings, menu settings Turn off Geolocation in the location. Google estimates your location Does it, to stop it Estimant Location Feature Disable.

It is important to do Photo for this By clicking on the photo in the library Remote location in the Info icon Click.

5. Google Search for Our Advertisers :

Shows ads by understanding our choices. by this Our entire search data goes to Google. Our Search History and YouTube Search History in the Profile It stores. To prevent this, in the Ed setting Go off the ad personalization.

Do this if your data is deleted

If we think our information is Google’s
Has passed and if we want to delete them we will By visiting our activity page on our account, Google Save our information in different products of He can delete it and if we want it from here The Google Account can also be deleted.

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