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13 Facts about Alaska ( Amazing Facts ) – Weirdglobe

Facts about Alaska, Alaska tours, Alaska trip
Facts about Alaska

Have you Know about Alaska ? Do you want to known some amazing facts about alaska? Then read this article full to get know about some amazing facts about alaska that you did’t known.

Alaska Located in the north-west end of the North American continent, Alaska is a state of the Americas. America’s Russian Empire From Alaska on March 30, 1867. In 1959 it became the 49th state of the United States.

Alaska is a state of this country, located beyond the US mainland. Whose whole world of beauty is unique. Earlier in the north of Canada, the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the south-west and Russia in the west. According to the area, Alaska is the largest state in 50 states of the United States.

13 Facts about Alaska ( Amazing Facts ) – Weirdglobe

Its population is approximate 0.74 million out of which half its anchorage lives in the metropolis. Alaska The Lowest Population Density State in the United States.

  • On March 30, 1867, the United States Senate decided to buy Alaska from the Russian Empire. Then for Russia 72 Million dollars were repaid. That was 4.74 Dollars for every acre.
  • After this land passed through several official changes, it was considered an organized area on May 11, 1912, and on 3 January 1959, it was declared the 49th state of America.

The name of this state of Alaska was used since the time of the Russian Empire, which means the main land or homeland.

Facts about Alaska
Facts about Alaska

13 Facts About Alaska : 

  • First of all, Alaska was discovered in 1741. It was when a Danish inventor, Jonesson Bering, returned from Siberia.
  • Alaska has over 3,000 rivers and over 30 million lakes.
  • It is impossible to reach the capital of Alaska by road.
  • In some parts of it the sun does not hide 84 days. It is the largest and smallest day in its place called Barrow, located 800 miles south of the North Pole. On the morning of May 10, when the sun rises, it does not last for three months and when it sank on November 18, the citizens here Then they can not see the sun for two months.
  • It is illegal to bribe the hunting of bears in Alaska, but it is illegal to raise any bear who is sleeping to take photographs.
  • Alaska produces 25 percent of US oil production.

• More than half of the glaciers in the world exist in Alaska.

  • Japan’s army attacked Alaska at the time of World War 2. It is believed that more Americans were killed in Alaska than Pearl Harbor.
  • On April 1, 1974, black smoke fluttered near a volcano in Alaska. Seeing this, when the Coast Guard arrived near the smoke, it was seen that 70 tires were burning and the flower was written on April.
  • A place in Alaska is such a pizza place. Which delivers pizza to people from the plane.
  • The Mayor Place of Alaska’s was a cat for 15 years.
Facts about Alaska
Facts about Alaska
  • Alaska is a state in the US that you can type in English through the letters of the same line of theKeyboard.
  • In Alaska, 5000 earthquakes occur every year.
  • Russia is only 2 miles away from a remote location in Alaska.

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13 Facts about Alaska ( Amazing Facts ) – Weirdglobe

Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia to Visit – Weirdglobe

Beautiful Places in Belgrade
Beautiful Places in Belgrade

If you are planning to travel outside of India, instead of going to UK, USA and Australia, go to some place where you can learn the beauty of the city and learn to live with it as well.

The list of such Coolest cities includes Belgrade which is the capital of Serbia. Where you can fulfill all your wishes. So you know what’s special in this city.

Here is some Coolest places in Belgrade Serbia. Belgrade City is a perfect destination for all types of travelers. Where there are many options to roam and stay, food, nightlife is very cheap. Meaning less money you can enjoy a lot.

Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia to Visit – Weirdglobe

View in Belgrade as Connaught Place in Delhi , India :

Republic Square is the Central Point of Belgrade, where most of the local and local tourists are seen. The look of this place, like the other European town square, is just like the Connaught Place in New Delhi, where there is no shortage of options for shopping to eating and roaming.

Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia
Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia

View of Republic Square :

In the middle of the Republic Square, there is a statue sitting on Prince Michael’s horse. Belgrade’s most famous buildings such as the National Museum and the National Theater are in this area. Here the evening sunshine are seen.

People sitting comfortably on eating benches between the colorful and musical fountains and eating drinks and coffee. Be alone, with a partner or with a family. Everyone can come here and spend quality time.

The view of the day here is quite different in summer. The colorful flowers on the four sides do not leave any stone unturned to make the city Coolest, while the muddy evening starts with a magical view. You can realize from midnight until the sun sets.

Belgrade’s Lifestyle :

The culture and lifestyle here also attract people especially. Dinner in restaurants with beer or wine is very normal here every night, because alcohol is very cheap here and most of the nightclubs are entry-free.

There is no other place, like Republic Square to spend quality time with partner. Where you can enjoy light music with your partner for hours. Outside the bar, people can be seen singing and singing, whose purpose is to show their talents to more people than earning money.

People coming from India or any other place feel very relaxed because there is no mall culture in place. By sitting comfortably in the open space, you can share all kinds of things with personal and professional and can relax more than that. Well the tourists come to enjoy nightlife especially because there is a lot of cafe and night clubs and entry absolutely free.

Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia to visit
Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia

Safe city for women :

Apart from this, Belgrade is at the top of the list of Europe’s safest cities, obviously, the number of tourists is much higher than the rest of the place. Confidence can be easily seen in women singing and singing outside bars outside Republic Square.

In recent years, the journey of the Solo Trip has increased very fast, in which women are not far behind. And along with the adventure for them, Safety also matters a lot. In such a situation, he is looking for such places where he can fully enjoy the trip.

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Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia to Visit – Weirdglobe

What about Statue of Liberty – Tour to Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Tours
Statue of Liberty Tours

Hey! Sooner or later You read the word “Statue of Liberty”But does you know about statue of liberty? and some curious facts of Statue of Liberty? Have you plan for Statue of Liberty Tour?

The Statue of Liberty Island locate near the American city New York. The old name of the Island of Liberty was Bedlodge Island. This statue has a torch in one hand and a book in the other hand. The Statue of Liberty, considered to be America’s identity, Actually US received the gift from France.

What about Statue of Liberty – Tour to Statue of Liberty

Statue of gift given by Francisco in the memory of independence received on 4th July, 1776. Liberty was built with joint efforts of both France and the United States. Between the two governments
Under the agreement, “the Americans formed the statue of this idol while the French gave shape and form to the statue”

Its full name is Liberty Enlightenment the World (Freedom World). The steel structure of this giant statue is prepared by two famous French architects Eugen Emanuel Viol le Dock and Alexander Gustav Eiffel. Eiffel vi Designers who designed the world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris also.

This statue was prepared in France in May 1884, while in June 1885, it was about 200 pieces in America. This magnificent statue of copper was brought to New York port on June 17, 1855. The statue was erected by adding them to New York Harbor and it was dedicated to America on October 28, 1886
was done.

Grove Cleveland, the then President of America, has received this gift from the people of France.

Interesting facts about Statue of Liberty :

1. The book on the left hand of Statue of Liberty is written in the Roman language on 4th July, 1776 in the Roman script, the day the United States was liberated.

2. This statue is covered with copper and its light green color is also copper. At the time of formation, its color was brown like a new copper but with the humidity of the time, its color became light green with copper reaction.

3. The total weight of the image is 225 tonnes or 2 lakh 25 thousand kg.

4. There are total 359 curved stairs and its crown has 25 windows. This statue is created with the inspiration of Roman Goddess ‘Libertas’ because it is considered as the goddess of freedom. The sculptor made it on the basis of his mother’s face.

5. It took some time for more than 9 years to build it. Its parts were made in France, including its head.

6. Seven nitrons that have emerged from the crown of the statue show the seven continents of the world. A nail length is 9 feet and weighs 68 kg.

7. The torch of the Statue of Liberty was first made in 1876, but in 1916 by German soldiers during World War I. In the bombing, it was damaged. It cost $ 100,000 to recover it again. After that the torch stairs has been closed. The old torch of the Statue of Liberty was replaced in 1984 with a torch of torch which has 24 kilograms of gold plated.

8. Due to the height of the idol, about 300 times the sky power also collides with it. If this power is collected then it is made of 600 volts.

9. Two people have committed suicide by jumping in 1929 and 1932. There are some who escaped after jumping.

10. More than 3 million people reach each year to see it.

11. Statue of the height of the 151-foot though basis, including its full length 305 feet its height almost 22-storey building is equal.

What about Statue of Liberty – Tour to Statue of Liberty

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How to Repair Corrupted Pdf File Online | Corrupted File

How to repair corrupt pdf file
How to repair corrupt pdf file

If Your pdf file is corrupted  and you want to know how to repair it ? then this post is really helpfull for you. Sometime, if your important file is corrupted then it is difficult to understand what to do? Here you see best method to repair corrupted pdf file.

If the Corrupted PDF file is not open, it means that it has been corrupted. Recovering the data in such a situation gets tough. Here we are telling you some ways that will be able to repair the entire corrupted PDF file online. In addition, you will also be able to restore PDF file as original.

How to Repair Corrupted Pdf File Online | Corrupted File

These are Top method use to Repair pdf corrupted file Online 

PDF reader :

If there is a problem with the PDF file, check your Adobe Acrobat Reader(That is most common PDF viewer) First of all check whether the program is running on latest version or not. For help, go to Help> Check for Updates. If there is a new version, you will be told that the program is running on an up-to-date or an old version.

After this the updates will be asked to install. Now open the Corrupted PDF. If this does not work, then open Adobe Acrobat Reader Now navigate to Help repair installation. If there is no any problem with the corrupted file, then it will be fine. If still not okay, then go to the app and search the Adobe Acrobat Reader then uninstall it. After that go to Adobe’s website, and install the latest version. If the corrupted file does not open after this, then get help from an alternative PDF reader.

• Try PDF Repair S:

Some applications may also be used to repair PDF files, some software is also available to download Is not needed. They can also be used with the browser, such as PDFFed ( ), Repair PDF ( and PDF Tools Online (www. ) In addition, you can also use Specialist File Repair Programs such as FileRepair ( ). It scans and repairs Corrupted PDF files online.

How to repair corrupt pdf file
How to repair corrupt pdf file

More Option to  How to Repair Corrupted Pdf File Online| Corrupted File

• Extract data from PDF:

If you are not able to repair the whole corrupted PDF file, then you have the option to get the text and photo from the file. Programs such as PDA converter can get help to get text from a PDF file.

For this, you can get the text with the help of PDF to Word File Converter ( If your PDF also has an image, then the image can be acquired with the help of PKPDF converter ( In these ways, you can open or repair corrupt PDF files.

• Alternative PDF Reader:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is not an option to view PDFs but you can also try different programs. The Foxite Reader and Sumatra PDF Reader are free. After downloading it, open the corrupt PDF file here and here, besides, You can also try Okular and Evans.

Where other software does not work, it easily opens the file, because it is a different way to read PDF file Uses. Even if the PDF file is still not open, then now you have to repair you PDF file.

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How to Repair Corrupted Pdf File Online | Corrupted File

Why does the Sun Shines ?

Why does the Sun Shines, weird Globe
Why does the Sun Shines

Very often People Think that why does the sun shines in the morning? if u have curiosity to know why does sun shines? Then read this full post briefly. Surely, it’s helpfull for you. Have you ever thought of what it is made of ?

To a large extent,  the sun is made up of hydrogen,  which is converted into the element helium inside the sun’s atmosphere.  In the resultant fusion of two hydrogen atoms with helium,a lot of energy is released.  As a result,  the core of the sun heats up to an unimaginable temperature:  about 8 million c!  On the surface of the sun,  the temperature is only around 5500 °C.  The sun releases this heat energy in the form of radiation,  which gives it its fiery glow. 

Why does the Sun Shines ?

About every 11 years,  the surface of the sun changes and what we know as sunspots occur.  The surface is somewhat cooler and darker around the spots.  Thus,  they radiate less energy.  A few researchers believe that an increase in the occurrence of these spots causes ice ages on the Earth.

Ever morning when we look towards the sky, So the sun rises and shines. It is very big and bright and is arguably hot too. The sun is actually a very big star and our galaxy is the brightest object of ‘Milky Way‘.

It is located 26,000 light-years away from the center of the galaxy, and it completes one cycle in 225 to 250 million years. This billion is the center of our solar system. Its gravity is that which does not allow other planets to go beyond its location.

Why does the Sun Shines, weird Globe
Why does the Sun Shines

Reason for why does sun shines ?

Our sun is a big ball of hot gases in which hydrogen is in high quantity. The surface temperature of the Sun is about 10000 degrees Fahrenheit and its center temperature is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.

Its temperature and pressure are so high that it creates another gas helium by colliding hydrogen molecules in each other. This reaction is called ‘nuclear fusion‘ and it produces a large amount of energy in the form of light and heat.

This is why the sun shines so much. It is the energy or the light of the sun, which is why life on earth is possible.

Surreal Elements about the Sun:

• Sunlight takes 8.3 minutes to reach the Earth.

• The sun will now exist for the next 5-7 billion years until it is present in its entire hydrogen Does not do.

• 99.8 percent of the entire claw of our solar system is the sun.

• Its diameter is 109 times more than the diameter of the Earth.

• It is constantly changing and every billion years passes. Only 10 percent is getting shiny. During the next billion years, the sunlight and heat will become so dense. That water and life will not exist.

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Why does the Sun Shines

What are the Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables, weird Globe, fruits, vegetables
Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables :

{Let’s see Benefits of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain important nutrients }

These elements are very important for health.

Their deficiency leads to many types of diseases :

World Health Organization (WHO) believes that childhood obesity is a ‘dangerous dream’ in developing countries. In a survey, evaluation of the eating habits of school children of India, found that 50 percent of children use junk food or other unhealthy food daily. Fruits and vegetables are unique in nature. They contain important nutrients, which are very helpful in the physical and mental development of children.

fruit diet, benifits of fruit and vegetables, best fruits to eat, mediterranean diet, vitamin A fruits and vegetables, list of fruits and vegetables

According to Laura Moore, a dietician of the Texas Health Science Center University at the Houston School of Public Health, there are many types of diseases due to lack of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Night blindness due to deficiency of vitamin A involves the lack of magnesium deficiency due to lack of normal weakness and reduction of potassium irregular heartbeats.

There is a possibility of having diseases such as constipation and hemorrhoids by not taking intake. Moore explains that fruit and vegetables contain cellulose, which increases the stool weight, makes the passage easier and reduces the transit time. In addition, there is a fiber that helps in reducing or preventing constipation. A study of Harvard Medical School has shown that fiber found in fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of diverticular disease.

fruit diet, benifits of fruit and vegetables, best fruits to eat, mediterranean diet, vitamin A fruits and vegetables, list of fruits and vegetables

American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) According to, no food can protect you against cancer, but diet rich in plant-based foods can help reduce the risk of cancer. Carotenoid including beta carotene- Pigment, spinach, deep orange fries potato Squash and carrots can be protected against cellular damage and cancers associated with low rates of cancer and low calorie in the calories and the calories in the calf because they can eat more and less.

Study can be more satisfying than calories. “Studies have proven that diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces high blood pressure. Due to the effect of reducing blood pressure, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, heart disease and stroke risk Apart from this, fruits and vegetables do not contain cholesterol, which keeps the heart from getting sick.

Recently a large Spanish Studies have shown that people who eat fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities experience lower rates of developing depression. Moore says that low-risk depression in nutrients such as Phototic Acid and Vitamin B6 can be the reason for those who do not consume it in sufficient quantity Contain antioxidants.

It prevents the formation of the body, causing colon, Breast, prostate etc. is prevented from cancer. Potassium and magnesium in orange have high amounts, which have blood pressure control, found substances known as quantum enzyme and beta water carotene, which are found by eating regular apples, we keep away from them.

It is found that the fiber of the blindness is a treasure of fiber in the compound pearl. Pineapple juice extracted fat by melting the fat. Regular consumption of grapes juice gives considerable relief to migraine grapes.

One study has shown that people who eat enough fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop depression.

What are the Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables Only on Weirdglobe

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How to share heavy files instantly

How to share heavy files instantly, weird Globe
How to share heavy files instantly

How to share heavy files instantly : send large files easily

{ There is ease to send large files through following website }

Sometime when you want to share heavy files instantly, but because of the limitations of email services, you are not able to do so. Then These three sites can help you. These allow you to share files online. Mean while, there is no need to install any software or app because it is via browser. It’s totally free too.

1. Firefox Send:

share heavy files through firefox send, send large files, share heavy files
share heavy files through firefox send

If you does’t want the file to be shared through company’s server during sharing, then you can use Firefox Send. This is a simple file sharing site. This is especially good for those who are aware of their data during file sharing. It is easy to send large files through these website

To send the file, open the site and upload it. You will find a unique URL which can be shared with friends. Here you can easily upload files up to 1 GB. The file must be downloaded within 24 hours of uploading it. It will not be able to download the file after this. It works with both desktop and mobile.

Visit to its website:

2. Nofile.Io :

share heavy file through nofile-io, share heavy files, send large files
share heavy file through nofile-io

With the help of this site, easily shared heavy files can go. It can share files up to 10 GB (per file). This is similar to the Firefox Send. After uploading the file here you will Get the URL through which you can share the file. It is easy to send large files through

Best thing is that use passwords with your files. You can also apply and download file. You can also decide for the time. Here, The file is downloadable for 15 to 30 days i.e. download the files anytime within 30 days. Apart from this, the preview of the file is also downloaded and can be seen. If the file is more sensitive, then upload it. Encrypted before can be done too. If you want, you can also upload these file directly to the Dropbox.

https: //

3. Fastest fish :

You can take help of this site to share large files, but the technique of sending files is slightly different. Other files Sharing sites have to first upload files to the server, then a URL will be generated. After that the URL with whom the file are shared, also has to download the file.

This is Fastest Fish uses to transfer large files.

If the file is large then it has been a lot of time, but it uses file sharing technology. Therefore file upload And the download also happens simultaneously i.e. upload the file on one side. At the same time, it can also be downloaded on the other side. It would be better to use it with a Chrome browser. Also, both the sender and the receiver are required to stay online during file sharing.


How to share heavy files instantly

This website uses to transfer large files.




Greenland iceberg: These 300 feet
The high iceberg can bring the Tsunami

(High alert in Iceland and neighboring villages from the iceberg)

Photo on the west coast of Greenland:
Located in the village of Enarsut. The 300 feet high and the 700 feet wide iceberg (iceberg) due to the breakdown of the glacier on the seashore of the village here
All 169 people in the village had to leave their homes. Experts say that due to the breakdown of the iceberg, a tsunami can occur in the area. The police is also keeping an eye on the glacier. These teams are also patrolling the helicopter in the area.


Scientists say that this area can be devastated in the flood. Iceberg has been flowing on the banks of Greenland. But this is the biggest piece so far. Now the piece is located on the nearby coast of the village. There are cracks and holes in it. The weather department too Heavy rains in the area have warned in a day or two. This has increased the possibility of this iceberg breakdown. If this happens then the water crisis will occur in the area.

1 million metric tons of iceberg contains 74 billion liters of water :

Glacier breaks into the ocean Snowboarding iceberg is called. One lakh metric tons 74 billion liters of iceberg in
There is water. Its just 15 to 25 The percentage is above the water. Glacier due to climate change Breaking events last 100 years has increased rapidly. Sea
Water level is growing rapidly.


This ice sweet found on the poles Is the largest source of water. One 5 million people from Iceland Thirst for the year can be quenched. That is why due to lack of water Fighting UAE and South Africa
Iceberg separated from the glacier Pulling with the help of the ship making plans.

Titanic collides with iceberg
The ship was submerged. Only after this incident Nautical Transportation Monitor The system was started. So that
The iceberg can be detected.



What will happen if Global Warming continues | Effects of Global Warming

What will happen if global warming continues
What will happen if global warming continues

What will happen if Global Warming continues | Effects of Global Warming | Consequences of global warming

The difference will not be less than keeping the global temperature below two degrees Celsius. Let’s see Consequences of global warming

Earth can be twice as hot as compared to estimates imposed by different climate models. This will happen even if the whole world is able to achieve its goal of keeping the global temperature below two degrees Celsius.

Research published in Nature Geoscience circuits found that if the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement is achieved, the sea level of sea could be increased by six meters or more. This conclusion is based on the outcome of the observation of the three hot periods of the past 35 million years ago. Tell that the world was 0.5 to 2 degree Celsius hot compared to the industrial temperature before the 19th century before 35 million years ago.

Huberus Fisher of Berne University of Switzerland said that observations of previous hot periods are revealed. Enhancement of climate models enhances temperatures for much longer than the technology model estimates. of the Paris Convention.

Fisher said that it shows that the decrease of global temperature by 2 degrees Celsius is much lower than the fixed carbon budget estimates. This would be very less successful in achieving the goal of the Paris Convention.

What will happen if Global Warming continues | Effects of Global Warming | Consequences of global warming


This Website showing Human impact on the Environment, weird Globe
This Website showing Human impact on the Environment

What will happen if Global Warming continues

The emission of carbon dioxide is the major reason : 

Holeson thermal (5000-9000 years ago) and Interglassale (12,000-116000 years ago) in the periods of the earth in the earth. Estimated changes had increased due to While the event of mid-pliocene (3.3 million to 30 million years ago) was the result of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. Atmospheric carbon during that time Dioxide concentration was 350-450 ppm. This number is almost like today. Today our Earth is getting hotter faster than these periods, because carbon dioxide emits rapidly due to human factors. If emissions stop there today, it will take hundreds of millions of years to reach balance.

Upon conclusion of the observation of three hot periods of 35 million years ago, So the desert will be green and will look like fire in the forest.

In this research, it also came to know how large areas of polar ice caps could collapse and by changing the ecosystem, the Sahara desert can be green and can turn into a fire-savanna along the tropical forests.

What will happen if Global Warming continues | Effects of Global Warming | Consequences of global warming

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Plastic in ocean and how it affects

Home Security Apps for Android | Weirdglobe

weirdglobe,home security app on android, home security system
home security app on android

Home Security Apps for Android :

You can monitor your home with the help of App in your non-existence. You can also see the picture of your house continuously using the apps given below.These are Home Security Apps for Android.

weirdglobe,home security app on android, home security system
home security app on android

If you often live abroad and worry about monitoring your home, some apps can help you. Due to being abroad, sometimes you do not get enough information from the cameras at home or many times they are not connected to the phone.

The main reason for that is that the APIs of those apps are not in those countries. There are some apps, whose servers are in most countries and they are easily found on the Google Play Store. With the help of these, the sub-house can help to secure the house.


Manything –

You feel that putting a CCTV camera at home will be an expensive investment, so you can get help from older smartphones in your home. Your old phone will only be CCTV when its camera is right. To make the old phone a CCTV camera, it should have Wi-Fi. Just need a right app for this, apart from that you will not have to spend anything.

manything, home security app, weirdglobe, manything app
manything, home security app

Manithing is an android and window app whose service is absolutely free. It can detect motion or sound, as well as send an alert when something looks strange. You can clearly see the live stream captured on your main handset.

ProtonVPN  –

Many VPN services are available for Android. But you can use Proton VPN for free without bandwidth limit. It focuses more on security and privacy. It does not track or record your activity. It provides you hundreds of servers worldwide. Its ‘safe core’ keeps your privacy, even if the VPN End Point server has been compromised.


Ava-24/7 Accessibility


weirdglobe,ava home security app for android
ava home security app for android

Ava is a useful android app for all those who have difficulty listening. It listens to the spoken person and speaks on the screen. Alternatively if you are talking to a person with hearing difficulties, you can also show him a text version of what you are saying to him.

Ava can learn your voice, so it’s better. By the way you can determine whether you are speaking or someone else.

Home Security Apps for Android

Cerberus Personal Safty

weirdglobe,Cerberus Personal Safty, home security app for home
Cerberus Personal Safty, home security app for home

Curers Personal Safety is a useful app for android. This allows you to share real-time location with your friends and family, from which you can

You can share the location of yourself and your home. The map provided on this also opens in the browser, so your family does not need an installed app to use it.


TravelSafe Pro

Travel Safes Pro is a great app for android, especially when you are traveling abroad to find important information in times of crisis. Travel Safe Pro lists information on all emergency services around the world, ensuring that there is quick access to emergency. It includes the embassy for the contact number of the daughter-in-law for the police and fire services.



Many people spend most of their time in foreign countries, some things that can prove to be very helpful for them during their stay abroad. These apps can also help abroad in emergency situations, including home surveillance.

These include the Manything,Notebooking,Proton VPN, Pay-27/7 Xsquity, Circulars Personal Safety and Travel Safe Pro, which are available for free on Play Store.

Home Security Apps for Android

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and How to encrypt files