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What are Benefits of Neem Leaves – Weirdglobe

Benefits of neem Leaves, Benefits of neem
Benefits of neem Leaves

Whether you eat neem leaves, dry husk or oil, it is beneficial in every form

Neem is being used in various types of herbs since ancient times. There have been many benefits of health related issues. Neem leaves have excellent medicinal properties. Even today, many areas of India are bitten by neem leaves to remove mental illness. If there is a toothache, then its teeth are used. If you have any contagious disease, then it is laid on neem leaves because it cleans your system and fills it with energy.

Whether you eat its green leaves, dry leaves or oil, it is beneficial in every form. Ayurveda and recent research have found that neem trees can help fight various types of diseases. Neem capsules are also coming in the market nowadays. They can also be used to avoid many types of physical problems.

Benefits of neem Leaves
Benefits of neem Leaves

Grains in the skin are known to control acne and oily skin in neem

The bitterness in neem prevents the spread of the holes above the skin. In addition to this Antibacterial and anti-viral elements are also found. Some drops of neem oil can make the face beautiful. This also results in skin irritation.

Beneficial in arthritis :

Neem’s herbs are widely used in the treatment of arthritis or arthritis. Especially in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis It helps in reducing joint swelling and pain. A handful of neem .Boil the leaves in a glass of water. Now filter the water and let it cool. Take this water twice a day. By doing this for a continuous month, enough pain in arthritis and swelling will benefit.

Bacterial killers :

There are bacteria around us. Our body is full of bacteria. In a normal size body, there are cells from almost ten trillion and more than 100 trillion contain bacteria. If you are one, then they are ten. There are so many creatures within you that you can not even imagine. Most of these bacteria are beneficial for us. Without them we will not be alive. But there may be something that can cause trouble for us. If you consume neem, then it destroys harmful bacteria in your intestines.

Effective in controlling fungal infections :

Neem is very beneficial in controlling fungal infections. For this, mix Neem oil with coconut oil and place it in the affected area or open the neem capsules and mix the material with organic coconut oil. This mixture controls fungal infections in any part of the body.

Controlling Diabetes :

Controlling diabetics by taking Neem capsules twice a day helps in In the juice of neem leaves, such components are found which reduce the need for insulin patients in diabetes. Besides, to avoid diabetes, it can eat 4 to 5 neem leaves every morning to eat.

Helpful in controlling cholesterol :

Taking a neem capsule daily in plain water helps control cholesterol content. You can also take a spoonful Triphala powder with water every morning.

Abdominal bloating :

With neem capsules twice a day with water, swelling of stomach get rest. Apart from this, it also probes your diet. Try to reduce the amount of tea and coffee intake.

Benefits of neem Leaves
Benefits of neem Leaves

Nail Infection :

To fix any kind of problem in nails such as nail breaks, tearing or tightening etc. Neem is quite beneficial for it. It contains antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, which inhibit various types of infections such as tonal fungus, which occur in nails.

Neem for our body :

Neem is especially beneficial in opening your system with keeping your system clean. Most of all, it is hot in the body produces This kind of heat in the body helps us in creating intense and enormous energy through meditation.

Use in bath :

Mix the ingredients of neem powder or neem capsules in boiled water and leave for overnight. Now take bath with this antibacterial water.

These are Benefits of Neem Leaves

What is Mauritius Famous for – Weirdglobe


Does you ever visit mauritius?

Located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a very beautiful country. Even after coming away from India, you feel like living in your country. Knowing this place you will not be able to live here …

What is Mauritius Famous for :

Famous writer Mark Twain once said that Ishwar(GOD) first created Mauritius and then created heaven from him. Even before the plane touches the land of Mauritius, you get the reality of this statement of Mark Tw

n that why he has given this statement.

A beautiful contrast of sea-shaking waves, white shining sand sand, and blue-colored water, hitting the green landscapes, proud hillside hills, proud of the rocks in the hills, and the hills. By standing on the seashore, you can see the beauty of the natural beauty.

what is mauritius famous for, weirdglobe, mauritius
what is mauritius famous for

Bihar-UP Spectacular :

Going from the airport to Port Louis, in India, a wide range of sugarcane spread like far away from western Uttar Pradesh, like the fields of Maharashtra, the fields of black soil, Konkan and Barasati villages of Kerala, the landscape of the village, Bihar’s Ara Like any village of Bhojpuri speaking people It all seemed like seeing that it is said about Mauritius that there is another India away from India. Small India, your India Where there is Panchavati and Chitrakoot too, Gangasagar is also there and also the happy people who believe in them.

Reading stories of India’s undergraduates found that it was found that the people of India had been seduced that the people of Mauritius … such a magical country, where the stone that will rotate, it will get gold under it.

It is possible that it is possible that the gold under the stone is hidden, but it will be said to be the reward of his hard work that the dream of the dream which was brought here brought to him, he showed the same dream. First of all, he waged a war of independence and made Mauritius his name and then installed Mauritius on the world map by earning his blood and sweat.

Port Louis City :

We stayed in a resort built on the beach ahead of Port Louis. Two friends were together. Throughout the history of Mauritius, there was talk of the history, society, economy, but the mind repeatedly kept going outside the window. Clouds, clean streets, greenery, playing away from the hills.

The hotel was beautiful, like a dream land. Where you can see Anant from one end, a blue infinity, somewhere like the horizons and the ocean, some have given a flute, just leave a small footpath to the sun’s arrival and go to the sun. I am seen falling in the sea.

Immigrant jetty :

The next morning, when the Mauritius went out to roam, the first time the migrants arrived. Those stairs of the immigrant ghats are in front of which the workers with the agreement got land to change the fate of Mauritius. Today, UNESCO has declared that place as World Heritage. Seeing the immigrant ghats, the mind was filled with pride. Hardly a better example of the victory over the miseries and shortages of hard work you could see elsewhere.

I was just thinking how it should have come, how it should have descended, how to handle yourself, how the mind will be celebrated, how to be patient, how should the supporters be supported? The reward of forcible, temptation and deception – a deserted island So far, the land of your land, far away from your sky, to send the message of moving and disturbed feelings in the middle of the ocean, perhaps the cloud of Yaksa may also become tired.

And then the story of creation will begin. Those stairs are still safe, from which they first climbed on this island. Years ago, it is a tribute to the tireless efforts of the ancestors brought from India, who made this uninhabitable island so beautiful that the tourists are roaming around from every corner of the world. Diligence and discipline is inherited by the citizens here. Always smiling people working Self-respect on national pride and asmita The pride of being associated with India and the self-esteem of the creation of an autonomous system.

Glimpse of Indianity :

In any village of Mauritius you should wear women wearing chanting, wearing sophisticated Indian dress saris, chanting chants, singers, kajirs or women, do not be surprised. A famous writer from Mauritius believes that these women are those who have kept India alive in our rituals, traditions, languages and within us. The burning person on every side of the basil outside every house has kept us from our past.

Maheshwaranath Temple :

The Maheshwaranath temple situated in the northern part of Mauritius is also known as ‘Triolet Shivala’. In fact, this temple has been a symbol of Hindu identity in Mauritius for two centuries. The most beautiful Sagar Shiva temple is situated on a delectable island in eastern Mauritius. The flag of Sagar Shiva flowing between sea waves and sea breeze coming from all the four sides, declares that the honor of Indianness in Mauritius will always remain high.

In the evening we went to the Ganga Lake, where there is another scenic spot. The place of various gods and goddesses around Shiva statue, sacred pool and rhythm of 108 feet high. The center of spirituality and reverence, where the eyes seem to sit idle. The atmosphere is such that the hands get involved in prayer itself. God has given only seven colors of boon to Mauritius, which can be seen in many places.

Eastern part of Mauritius :

The eastern part of Mauritius is a more green but rudimentary, due to which you see nature in full color. The white beaches of Palamar and Baelmar are very picturesque. Grand Greyhound and Grand Bay are the major centers on this side. The south-east is famous for its tall rocks, from which you look beautiful at the southern tip of the island.

The west coast is famous for its amazing sunset and deep water fishing. Surfers should go to Tamerin, which is the Surfing Center of Mauritius. A special experience of traveling to Mauritius was when we reached a beautiful beach called Gris Gris. Usually the sea of Mauritius is calm, blue, but the gris-gris sea is very restless, fast and scary. Usually sea color is not black, but it looks here. This place is still captivating, also visible. We are returning but we do not miss Mauritius. We are coming back to the blue sea in the eyes..this country away from India.

What is Mauritius Famous for 

How to relieve stress and anxiety – Weirdglobe

How to relieve stress and anxiety
How to relieve stress and anxiety

Let me tell you the technique of getting stress free. These methods will make you feel a bit complicated, but unlike them, it is really easy and bringing down your blood pressure, removes the exhaustion of slowing down.

Ask yourself if you are in stress. sometimes The answer is equally clear, so you ask yourself whether there is tension in my muscles, I feel tired headache worried.

How to relieve stress and anxiety :

Stress and anxiety are no longer limited to adults only. I complained of having a 5-year-old child in tension these days heard. If we ignore our personal pain due to stress, then alone, the health of 1.3 million annually on diseases caused by stress in America The expenditure is a burden on the society.

Likewise, the countries of the European Union spend an amount of 1.3 million annually on tensile citizens. Are you thinking of the reason behind the huge size of stress that is causing stress? Stressful relationships, economic conditions, health, workload, time limit, this list is quite long. Ask yourself if you are in stress.

How to relieve stress and anxiety
How to relieve stress and anxiety

Sometimes it does not get an equally clear answer. So you ask yourself this. Are there muscles in my muscles, I feel anxiety headache, or have problems sleeping. Then you will get the right answer. Now that you have identified your problem, you can start working on it.

To improve focus, reduce the level of stress hormone in the body will help to increase blood flow to many vital body parts. Along with the reduction of sleep apnea, remove old pain. It will be helpful in resolving many other physical problems, such as keeping blood sugar levels stable. Recently, I read about a study in which it has been found that the technique of stress-free is also to increase the confidence of a person If you do not believe in my things then try these techniques before going to any exam or interview yourself, and feel the benefits yourself.

1. The breathing exercises: suddenly you are worried. Close your eyes and focus on your breaths. Your breathing
Feel how fast it is running and try to be calm and stable. Be kind to yourself.

2. Start slowly by breathing slowly with the help of deep and long breath through your nose. Repeat these breaths until you count 4. After this, stop your breath and count to 7.

3. Then, counting 8, breathing in your mouth and Start taking it. Do not be hasty during this process. Put yourself under pressure to count these points quickly. Make your own number order according to your liking. Such as 2,, 3 or, 39 or anything you want. It just needs to be effective for you. It is completely in your hands. This technique lets you gradually return to a quiet situation Will help, no matter how difficult situations you might be in.

How to relieve stress and anxiety
How to relieve stress and anxiety

Physical stress :

Sitting in a chair at the same time throughout the day does not cause any stretch on your muscles, resulting in your body and mind. Tension increases on both of them. If you feel the pleasure, do your shoulder neck and head exercises and stretch your back too, stretching. The stress-free technique does not work for just one time, but on regular exercise,
– There will also be information about stretch and stress related to the muscles and brain, and with the help of this information, you will get great help in controlling your stress.

With the passage of time, you begin to understand the reasons for stress on yourself and start working on them even before any unpleasant incidents happen. These techniques are, in fact, the skills you develop in a regular practice. So be patient with yourself and do not expect miracles. And of course, the technique to relieve this tension, even in the unfavorable way, will not be a new reason for your stress.

Read about a study in which it has been found that the technique of stress-free is also effective in enhancing a person’s self-confidence.

Thank you for reading

Human destroying earth – Weirdglobe

We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth
We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth

Do you know We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth. Today our Only the mistakes on us and the future generations But it is going to be over whelming.

Recently with the flood in Kerala India Back to the plastic garbage or answer Winterin India, especially in Delhi. The harmful smog hit in the mountains. The landslide that happens to every such problem we are Responsible.

Human destroying earth – Weirdglobe

Increasing temperature increases world wide Sea water melting with ice to be highly polluted to the environment.In India, plastic envelopes in many states are definitely banned but it is far from complete to finish it completely. This only Plastic is the most dangerous element for the world’s pollution, it affects water, land and sky all three.

According to the figures, by 2034 more than 64 million tonnes in the world Will be plastic. Cutting the blind mist of trees is also responsible for the increasing pollution in the environment. By 2030, only 10 percent rain forests will remain in the world and all the forests will end in the coming 100 years. Due to these, 28 thousand species of the world will end in the next 25 years.

The faster the population will grow in the world, the resources will be exploited as fast as possible. According to an estimate of the world by 2025 Half of the population will suffer from water shortage. As the population increases, forests are being cut faster and 50 percent of the wild species have been threatened.

We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth
We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth

Paris agreement to save Earth :

Today the temperature of the world due to pollution is growing rapidly. Global in the past 100 years Sea level rose up to 8 inches. The result of this is that in Antarctica Penguins couples reduced by 32 thousand only 11 thousand remain.

The Paris Climate Agreement was to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas. Which will be starting from 2020. 196 countries It was agreed on December 12, 2015. 195 member nations have signed this. However, the world’s rich country
The agreement seems to be stepping back and America has already expressed its desire to separate from it.

According to experts, if all nations take steps according to the Paris agreement to deal with the threat of climate change
By 2030, the world will have an economic advantage of $ 26 trillion. The money can be used to deal with the dangers caused by climate change.

This savings can be utilized for the use of technologies favorable for climate change, 6.5 million new jobs in low carbon economy, 7 million deaths due to air pollution, and global on fossil fuels. Around $ 2.8 billion subsidy will be eliminated.

India is the fourth largest carbon emitter :

After China, US and European Union, India is the largest carbon-emitter country on the fourth place By implementing India, India will also have huge economic benefits. It is important that in many countries still subsidy on fossil fuels has been there. Across the world including India, adopting favorable technology to combat climate change is fast approaching. like led. Bulb, low power consumption electrical equipment, electric vehicle etc.

Human destroying earth

We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth
We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth

Target of Paris agreement :

  • Keep the global average temperature below 2 degrees Celsius and keeping the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, which can reduce the risk and impact of climate change.
  • Developing the ability to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Most countries have declared their targets of energy efficiency, under which India has set a target of 33-35 percent reduction in energy consumption.
  • Also aims to develop 40 percent green energy capacity by 2030.

What to look for when Buying a Laptop – Weirdglobe

what to look for when buying a laptop
what to look for when buying a laptop

If you do not take care of these things before buying a laptop then you may have to repent.

While purchasing a laptop, we are often unable to take care of certain things, which we have to bear in the future. If the laptop does not perform according to your mind, then it becomes a lot of trouble for you.

What to look for when Buying a Laptop 

Apart from smartphones in today’s digital world, laptops have become a daily necessity for people. Whether it is college projects or business or office work, laptops have become a necessity.  Laptops are present in the budget range in the market nowadays, but the performance of these laptops is not compatible with you. In such a way, if you take care of some important things while buying a laptop then you will not have to regret later.

Operating System :

While buying a laptop, it should always be kept in mind that the laptop has an operating system or a basic operating system (MS-DOS). If the operating system is not plugged in laptops, then you have to dump the operating system separately. You may have to spend separately for this. Therefore, while buying a laptop, it should be noted that whether the laptop is coming with the operating system or not. Our advice is that you always buy the laptop that comes with the operating system.

Nowadays there are many brands of laptops with pre-installed operating systems in the market. In such a situation, if we do not buy laptops with the right operating system, then we have to put a new operating system again. In this case, you should choose the right operating system before buying a laptop. Among the most popular operating systems in addition to Microsoft’s Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Apple’s IOS 10 and 11 are Google Chrome OS. It would be better for you to choose the laptop with the operating system that you can easily work on.

what to look for when buying a laptop
what to look for when buying a laptop

Keyboard :

If you work more on a laptop then you should always buy solid-board laptops. This is because it keeps the possibility of your keyboard alarms getting worse. At the same time, if you want to buy a business laptop, please check the box between the keys of G and H in the keyboard. With the help of this nabah you will be able to easily keep your finger on key board. The right keyboard laptop will make it easier for you to work.

Display :

Many people prefer laptops with small screen size, while some people like to work on large-screen laptops. In this case, you can choose your laptop screen according to your convenience. The 15-inch screen size is quite popular among people and it is easy to work. Our advice is that it is easy to work with laptops with the right display size.


what to look for when buying a laptop
what to look for when buying a laptop

Processor and RAM :

In addition to these external features, you should also know about some technical features. You should also be aware of these internal features while buying a laptop. Generally we should buy laptops with more RAM and processor so that the software can be put according to your work. Many essential softwares do not work on low RAM. Therefore, before purchasing a laptop, you should also know about its specifications and RAM besides internal specifications. Our advice is to buy a laptop with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and also have the latest processor.

Battery :

Now let’s talk about the battery, the battery is given to power the laptop. The battery used in the laptop is made of lithium-ion. The capacity of these batteries is high and you can use the laptop for a long time. Investigate the mah of the batteries used in laptops operated by lithium-ion batteries. The longer the MAH, the longer the battery backup will be. If you work more on your laptop then you should choose a laptop with a battery backup.

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What to do if your Phone gets Wet – Weirdglobe

what to do if your phone gets wet ?
what to do if your phone gets wet ?

You know Many times the phone does not get worse due to falling or drowning, but due to mistakes made by the user, it gets spoiled.

Today we are going to tell you that if your phone falls into the water or becomes drenched in the rain, then what are the things you should do immediately and what are the things you should not do at all.

Do you know what to do if your phone gets wet ?

Actually, many times the phone is not spoiled by falling or drowning, but it gets spoiled due to mistakes made by the users. So know about the ways in which you can save your smartphone after wetting or even soaking.

what to do if your phone gets wet ?
what to do if your phone gets wet ?

1. Instant switch off :

If your phone has fallen into water or drowned, first switch it off. On the other hand, when the user becomes wet, they start checking on by turning on the phone so that the circuit of the phone gets shorter and the phone gets spoiled. When the phone is wet, switch it off in a dry place.

2. Phone placed in rice box :

If your smartphone is wet, then switch it off and put it in a thin plastic and put it in the rice box. Put the phone in the box for a day or two. This will eliminate all the moisture inside the phone. After that check on by phone.

3. Do not dry the phone :

If your phone is wet or wet, then switch it off first. In such a situation, do not try to dry the machine by forgetting the phone. Many users make such a mistake that their smartphone gets spoiled. Actually the hot air of the dryer can damage your phone’s body or display. Apart from this, the heating of the dryer can also melt the circuit of the phone.

4. Do not connect with another device :

Due to the deterioration in the phone’s water, many users are afraid to get rid of the data lost or worse due to which they start connecting the wet phone to the laptop or PC. In this case, it can be dangerous for both your phone and laptop. Wet phones can also spoil other devices. Apart from this, the phone circuits can also be short.

5. Check before charging the phone :

If your phone was wet or drenched, before you turn it on or before charging, check that no part of the phone is wet. If the phone is wet or there is moisture in it then the phone’s circuits can be shot and your phone may get spoiled. Apart from this electric shocks can also be threatened.

Thank you for reading

Wettest Place on Earth – Weirdglobe


Did You know wettest place on Earth ?

Cherrapunji is wettest place on earth. Cherrapunji’s bhaga-bhija weather, cold winds, valleys, and the best destination for Cloud Adventure, colliding with the mountains, included in the world’s most rainy places.

Wettest Place on Earth

The rainy season on the mountains is very beautiful and romantic, and then in Cherrapunji, it remains rainy for 12 months. So, what about the weather here? Cherrapunji is also called “Waitest Place of the Word” and “Capital of Rain” because of the record of the highest rainfall recorded.

Due to the evergreen weather, tourists continue to travel around the year. Cherrapunji is only 34.7 miles from Shillong, capital of Meghalaya. is far. Ride on the way, but not much. You will not know when you will reach Cherrapunji while passing through high hills and tide-roads.

There are mountains and valleys around Cherrapunji. There are lots of ferns, pine and aerocarial trees, many types of local fruits, oranges, and chinnas. Some special types of grass and flowers are also seen. The main occupation of the very large castes is wild produce.

These people are beauty lovers. They also make artistic clothes, shawls and decorative things and sell them. Their homes are beautiful, they are decorated. They are very faithful towards their earth, religion, society and customs.

Sohar :

The name of this favorite place of foreign and foreign tourists coming to Meghalaya has now changed. It was named as Sohra and now it has been restored again. In 1830, the British rulers made Cherrapunji their regional headquarters. The British had a lot of difficulty in pronouncing the name Sohar in its present name. They started saying it to the chera.

After that, the locals added a group of clouds to the Panguzi in this name, which later became Cherrapunji, but the demand to give Cherrapunji his real name was started and after the public movement, the state government changed its name and again Decided to Sohra.

Wettest place on Earth, weird Globe

Highest Rain Record :

The names of Cherrapunji or Sohra are recorded in several rains. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the highest rainfall in the same year is 22 thousand 987 mm. One was from August 1860 to July 1861. The highest rainfall in one month was 9300 mm in July 1861. Entered Sohar’s record is also recorded in most 61-inch rains in a single day.

Despite all this, the rain has started decreasing for the past few years and Mohsinram has more rainfall here. Well, the rain is less or more, but it is very nice. Due to its amazing and attractive natural shade, it has been tempting the waterfalls and natural beauty tourists around Cherrapunji.

Wettest place on Earth

Beautiful waterfalls :

The most attractive place of Cherrapunji is the Nobelikai Falls, which falls from a high altitude, the milky spring boasts a poignant narrative in its own right. It is said that when a woman named Lakai returned home from work on her own day, she questioned her husband for her child. Husband said that the baby has been cut and cooked to eat.

Likai was shocked by the shock and jumped into this spring. From then on, the name of this spring was named Noahkalai. By the way, the entire look of the waterfall can be seen from the view point, but stairs are also made to go down to the typical bottom.

Rama krishna Mission Institute :

One of the oldest Ramakrishna Mission Institute in Cherrapunji is the institute. The students here are knowledgeable in Hindi, English, Khasi, Bangla languages.

There are work of woolen clothes, artifacts, making medicines from herbs etc. The entire institute is famous for its grandeur, peace, cleanliness and different activities.

Wettest place on Earth

Cemetery :

3.1miles from Cherrapunji Nine Sungithiang Falls and Mausamai Falls in the South. Caves in the forest near Mausamai Village have their own distinctive nature. With the combination of water with lime stones, strange and astounding shapes have become strange, which attract tourists very much.

The water in the cave is filled up to the knees. The stones are high-low, smooth and sharp, narrower somewhere and walking on wide shapes, climbing scares and also makes them crying. There are three ways to go to the cave.

Living Bridge :

In the jungles of Cherrapunji, the branches of trees and roots can be seen. They are also called “Living Bridge”. People make such bridges with special techniques that are ready in 10-15 years and they are used for hundreds of years. Here is one such old bridge being used for 500 years.

In the second sight of Cherrapunji, Mokdok Dimap Valley, which comes from Shillong to Cherapapudi, is very beautiful and green. Here are the famous dinthalen waterfalls, Don Bosco Shrine, Church, David Scott Memorial, Green Kenyon of Cherrapunji, Eco Park, Canernum Waterfall etc.

Maoulong Seam Peak :

Cherrapunji is another place filled with adventures, courage and beauty for the passengers coming in Maolung Seam Peak. A waterfall falls away from here, the cover of clouds, the plain part of the Sylhet district of Bangladesh and the forest surrounded by dense trees is visible. There is a beautiful garden, in which the passengers can sit, roam and watch.

In the garden, there are steps and pathways built for floral slopes, swings, fountains, and strolls, on which walks, lavish tourists keep singing humming in fun. In the eastern region, it is early in the evening. That’s why Maolong can go directly to Shillong from Seam Peak.

Cherrapunji can also be used for a day trip by taxi tax from Shillong. There are several holiday resorts to stay here.

Wettest place on Earth – Cherrapunji

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How Google is Watching you : 19 things Google know about you

how google watching you, 19 things google know about you

Google is secretly watching your future. Google Also know about location, your voice, e-mail, what is written etc. Does you want to know how google is watching you ? Then this post is helpful for you. Here, We also discuss methods how to prevent yourself from google tracking.Because your privacy is a matter of concern.

Google knows these 19 things about you and watch you everytime :

1. Your Voice 

2. Name & Birthday

3. Gender

4. Mobile Number

5. Your Google Search

6. On the websites that you

7. Where are you standing now

10. What games, songs, movies Etc.

11. Where you work

12. Where do we live

13. Mail

14. Your Interest

15. Photo

16. Phonebook or Contacts

17. Likes-dislikes

18. What you buy

19. In Days where you are busy

How Google is Watching you : 19 things Google know about you

These days in a country of Europe Increasing gang rape cases Had gone The government was worried. Government ought
Information of such people from Google , which is constantly  searching for related content to gang rape .

Actually the government is Trying to identify those people . Such crimes in the future was to stop. To government Google about potential offenders Many important information was received from That In this work with the government of the time Combined Information and Cyber ​​Security Consultant Abhishek Dhhabai says that This is a hallmark.

More startled This is if Google Internet related activities Can track the future even if you track it is. That too in a few minutes. Recently I found out that location of Despite being Google users Does track. But this only It’s a matter of location. Google
Tracks and tracks ours every work. Like if a user is on Saturday every Saturdays sticks on If the Japanese eats in the restaurant, then Google’s Trend for the Future I know.

What we e-mail, new Send applications for jobs, Call online goods etc. Google’s plan is to customize all these data Can tell. Find out from the trend of search history What you are preparing for. (This story based on the conversation with Abhishek Dhabhai
That is, they have worked with governments of many countries.)

How google is  watching you- Weirdglobe

How google Watching you :

These are the credentials though which google watch you and monitor you 24/7.Let’s see

1. Location of Google’s Application Server :

Google’s machine level programming is such that any of the company’s apps. Tracks user’s location when used on and sends to server Remains. Track all apps location in Google Maps, Voice, Gmail, Chrome etc We do. Share them with Google servers, this is called history. That’s why Even if you stop the location, Google still knows where you are.

According to the report, about 40 input hours per hour related to android phone location and The iPhone sends around 4 inputs per hour.

2. Cookies Detect What We Are Searching :

Google knows what you are searching on the Internet. Google has cookies. By the combination of MAC ID and IP address, it is known that the user Who is it. Regularly coming to the same combinance, it is known that usually What does this person search?

Similarly if you logged in with Gmail ID So all the searches made by your ID keep going to Google. Google Identifier also installs cookies in your computer.

3. Details with photo also goes :

We upload family photos in Google’s Photos app or in the cloud. These are secure, there is no stock from anyone, but they are saved by Google. Not The entire detail of the photos rather than the photos goes to Google itself. Like you
How much edit is the photo, who is tagged, what city has drawn,
What is the reception of the photo, what is the photo’s location, the serial number of the device etc.

how google watching you, 19 things google know about you

4. Tracking through GMAIL :

The second app also asks for permission. We change smartphones on a day-to-day basis because of our contact list. Keep syncing with Google. So that the numbers always remain on e-mail. This way All numbers are reached by Google.

Similarly when we get from Google PlayStore When you download an app then get photos, contact list, microphone, video Asks for access to it, even if it does not need to work in that app. In this way, the entire data of the phone goes to the company that creates the app.

5. Do you know you are on the train or on foot If you even removed the SIM from your phone Is still connected to Wi-Fi or hotspot Only Google will start your tracking. In such case if we Go to different places if Google moves to our By Speed ​​it can detect that we are walking on foot Or in the car or in the train.

Not only this the strength of your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection information, how much charge the phone’s battery
It is, whether the phone is charged on charging or not, etc.

6. Let us start with travel notification :

We know where we are going to go You have often noticed that your flight book A visit and a reminder of your phone’s calendar looks like. Actually, working on Google robotic algorithms
Does. Coding we also have in the mail that we have is. Now when our travel agent e-mails tickets to us.

So Google’s algorithm detects it from the words in the mail That’s the ticket to travel. PNR in the mail for this Word, journey from where, city name, travel company The name just tracks the mail as soon as it arrives. Its After that the information goes to the phone’s calender . Also know about It turns out that Google’s access is to the contents of our e-mail.

7. Our likes and dislikes are known to him Whatever we do with Google, Google algorithm With the help of these companies, Sells for advertising. Like– we have circles that Italian Restaurants in Delhi Now he got the information that Who did the Italian restaurant in the city of Circleia, in which city.

Now Any advertisement related to Italian restaurants in Delhi will be Users will start appearing on the screen. Such millions of users Google likes and dislikes.

How these troubles Can reduce :

1. Save the Location History :

For data and personalization tabs
Go to Location History by setting off
Do it. This is every phone and computer that Do you use it for Even if all have the same account.

2. GPS Signals :

When You Need Then turn on. Web activity
In the setting to save from tracking
Go to Google Account with Data End
Web and app on the Personalization tab
Turn off activity.

3. Voice data :

Google also keep voice data. We call it Voice and Audio
Go to the Activities page Is and can be deleted.

4. Camera Before Uploading Photo :

Settings in the app in the All Apps section Go to Save Location
Give it In Google Settings, menu settings Turn off Geolocation in the location. Google estimates your location Does it, to stop it Estimant Location Feature Disable.

It is important to do Photo for this By clicking on the photo in the library Remote location in the Info icon Click.

5. Google Search for Our Advertisers :

Shows ads by understanding our choices. by this Our entire search data goes to Google. Our Search History and YouTube Search History in the Profile It stores. To prevent this, in the Ed setting Go off the ad personalization.

Do this if your data is deleted

If we think our information is Google’s
Has passed and if we want to delete them we will By visiting our activity page on our account, Google Save our information in different products of He can delete it and if we want it from here The Google Account can also be deleted.

Thank you for reading.

Stay connected with Weirdglobe and enjoy.

Feel free to ask question in below comment section.

What are World’s tallest tree ( Biggest Trees in World ) – Weirdglobe

tallest tree in world, biggest tree in world,worlds tallest tree

Did you know world’s tallest tree. There are thousands of species of trees in the world. So many types of trees But most of these trees are of Redwood species. In the California province of America, these trees can be up to 300 feet high.

Of these, the search for Redwood tree called Hyperion was End on 25 August 2006. It is 379.7 feet, which is 1157 meters high. It is the tallest tree in the world.

This tree was discovered by naturalists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. We discovered this in a remote area of Redwood National and State Parks. It is estimated that this tree alone has 18,600 cubic feet of wood. It is believed that it is at least 600 years old.

What are World’s tallest tree ( Biggest Trees in World )

However, for the ‘Sequoia Redwood‘ species of this tree, is extremely young. Compared to humans, this tree is currently 20 years old and there are still many hundred years of its life left.

world's tallest trees, biggest trees in world, Weirdglobe
At least 1,500 years old, this 300-foot giant in California’s Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park has the most complex crown ever mapped.

History of World’s Tallest Tree :

Scientists who researched about this tree claim that it has not been elevated due to the damage done by the woodpeckers in its upper part.

Helios is also among the other tallest trees of the Redwood species in the world. Which is slightly smaller than the hyperion. Its length 374.3 feet. Other tall trees are Ikarus (371.2 ft) and Dadelas (364.4 feet).

Most of these tall trees with hyperion accurately. The location has been kept very secret and not public yet. It has been done so that no one has the right to harm them could not reach.

It is said that the large level in that area in the 1970s But the trees were being harvested where the hyperion is present. Luckily When the harvesting work was only a short distance from the Hyperion, stop it had had this area because then declared it a National Park.

Redwood species are usually alive for 500 to 700 years live. However, about a few to be alive for 2000 years Also get information.

According to the National Park Service, so many of these trees in California There is a reason to be high, here gentle. There is a temperature and good amount of rainfall.

At least 1,500 years old, this 300-foot giant in California’s Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park has the most complex crown ever mapped.

Cause of World’s Tallest tree :

Tallest trees in world mostly found in tropical region.The reason behind this is that trees need proper amount of sunlight and water to become tallest.  In tropical region,As tallest trees become more tallest by getting proper sunlight. On the other hand, low height plant not tallest due to not proper sunlight due to shadow of tallest trees.

  • In tropical region, sun rays vertical to surfce throughout the year and having high average sunshine and having high mean temperature which cause high photosynthesis and high growth of trees. Hence, trees become tallest.
  • In tropical region, There is high average rainfall which provide proper amount of water to trees which increase their growth. Due to this reason, trees in tropical region are evergreen and known as evergreen forest.

tallest tree in world, biggest tree in world

Some interesting facts related to World’s Tallest tree :

  • Around 23,000 species of trees are found worldwide.
  • According to estimates, trees growing in the cities have lived less than 23 years in comparison to the village’s trees. Acids absorb carbon dioxide gas present in the atmosphere. In this way, it helps to protect us from global warming.
  • We are alive from the oxygen gas released by the trees.
  • Putting trees around your house keeps the atmosphere pure.
  • Trees take 90 percent of its nutritional environments and 10 percent nutrition from soil.
  • Indian scientist Shri Jagdish Chandra Bose ji first One such device was made. Which can measure the growth of trees. this The equipment he had made with the goods of only Rs.300 Crescograph has been named. He also won Nobel Prize for this. met. He was the first scientist in Asia to receive Nobel Prize .
  • Studies have shown that improvements in pelvic health play a major role for A patient who is hospital Looks at the green trees from the room of his Quick fixes.
  • Amazon basin is the largest area under forest. Its area is 3,30,075 square kilometers.
  • Leaves and branches of trees grown in acres falling, its weight is 1 ton.
  • 80 percent of the world’s forests have been cut.
  • A simple tree is 5 times as much as breathing Completes oxygen.
  • A healthy tree emits 100 gallons of water in a day in the environment, hence the trees are the most helpful in the rain.
  • Some trees survive for thousands of years.
  • A person needs around 18 trees to take full life oxygen. Have you planted your own share of trees? A fully grown tree keeps 70 times more environment than the newly planted plant.

More about tallest tree in World : Acc. to national geographic

National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols is one of the world’s foremost wildlife photographers. But he recently said that he’d happily spend the rest of his life photographing trees. Of course, the folks over at National Geographic would almost certainly never hear of it. Nichols’ newfound love developed after a serious, yearlong relationship with redwoods.

National Geographic sent Nichols to spend an entire year in California’s redwood forest. His mission was to capture the majesty of some of the tallest tree on Earth, some of which date back before Christ. And if you’ve ever photographed in a forest, you’ll understand the challenge this presented. There’s no capturing the awe one feels before these monoliths that measure, in some cases, upward of 300 feet.

tallest trees in world
World’s tallest trees

Location of tallest tree in world : 

As tropical region have biggest trees in world. But become tallest tree is not in tropical region like africa, indonesia, malasia, carribean etc.

The tallest trees in the world are redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), which tower above the ground in California. These trees can easily reach heights of 300 feet (91 meters).

At least 1,500 years old, the 300-foot giant in California’s Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park has the most complex crown ever mapped.

The National Park Service says the redwoods’ great height is due, in part, to the favorable climatic conditions found in California, including mild year-round temperatures and heavy annual rainfall.

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What are World’s tallest tree ( Biggest Trees in World ) 



What are Things to Do in Berlin ? | Weirdglobe

Things to do in Berlin, Weirdglobe, best things in berlin
What are things to do in berlin?
What are things to do in berlin ?
What are things to do in berlin ?

Have you ever visit berlin? What are things to do in berlin? Sooner or later you think about it. But you doesn’t know much about things to do in berlin. This is best article for you if you are curious to know about berlin.

There is best things to do in berlin. This is best place for traveller enthusiast. The city of Berlin is very beautiful and clean. If you want to explore the beautiful beauty of this city, do not just cycle or travel by bicycle.

In the blue sky and the freshness of the winds, the historic city of Berlin is just enjoying the excursions in the bicycle. There can be a bicycle rental and the whole city can be swept around. 

What are Things to Do in Berlin ?

In this city you will learn what is special for tourists. Let’s see best place in berlin and things to do in berlin.

The city also serves as a great place to learn more about Germany and its people and is a great base from which to explore other parts of the country too.

And of course, Berlin also has some excellent beer and food that is well worth sampling.

1. Tiergarten Garden :

What are things to do in berlin?
What are things to do in berlin?

Tiergarten, i.e. a century ago, the site of the members of the family of  Berlin. It is a dense but very systematic giant garden spread over 300 acres in the heart of the city. There are many lakes in the middle and there are many parks and grasslands for children to play in it.

Berlin’s clean blue sky is enough to fill the adventures, but Tiergarten’s clear air is just another matter. Those freshness can be felt in many hilly areas. But Berlin spreads 800 square kilometers and is the world’s most populous city with a population of 36 million.

2. River spree :

berlin spree river, What are things to do in berlin

There is a Spree river near Tiergarten, on which both cycling rides can be enjoyed. The cruise facility in the Spree river is also accessible. About 90 minutes of cruise, the history of Berlin is given, which takes a lot of time to learn through the internet or books.

The Spree River is an important part of Berlin’s culture. On one side of this river there are more than one historic buildings, while on the other hand there are crowds of tourists and tourists. Artists who perform their skills around the river also get a chance to become complacent.

Street artists like Berlin are rarely seen anywhere Some of whom are teaching puples dance, then listening to some old country songs. You can enjoy these hours, but do not forget to give some reward to them before going.

3. Holocaust Memorial :

what are things to do in berlin?
what are things to do in berlin?

The memorial is made up of 2,711 large rectangular stones as a tribute to the Jews that died during the war as a result of Hitler’s “Final Solution.” Below the stone you find a very touching museum that focuses on the lives of individual families – well worth a visit (free)…… please be prepared for some tears!

4. Island museums :

Things to do in Berlin, Germany Tourism, Germany travel

Island of museum is located near the Spree River. Interestingly, there are 5 museums here. You must have at least three days to complete all the 5 museums properly.

There is no better place than this to know about the News Museum (new museum), the second world war. Here is a complete history of Hitler’s epoch. There is also a hallmark of Hitler as to how much propaganda used as a ruler, which shakes any normal person from inside.

Before the second world war, a child’s room of a German family has been displayed. Hitler’s picture is on the wall of the child’s room, because then it was told by the government that if there was a photo of Hitler in the little children’s room, then he would be faster and patriotic.

5. Parliament Building of Richstag :

Built in 1894, this building is the most attractive tourist spot in Berlin today. In 1933, it was completely destroyed by the fire. He was lying for many decades.

Later, after the unification of Germany, it is now being used again as a Parliament House. You have to make an online reservation one day before going to the Dome made up of it. But after reaching there, seeing the whole of Berlin is a different experience in itself.

6. Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Wall :

How the Winter War was affecting the lives of the masses, it is better than anyone else in Berlin Wall Most of the tourists and memorial spots are connected to the Metro and public bus systems.

7. Barghane Night club :

It is considered to be the best nightclub in the world. The rules for visiting this club, located near Berlin’s Ostwaheft railway station, are very different. It is open 24 hours and people will always be seen in the line.

The more they are allowed to go in, they are sent back. In a way, it has made one of its own cults. If you are wearing a lot of fancy clothes at the time of entry, hardly get in. Narmal black jeans and black t-shirts will get comfortable entry. It will be better if you come to a few German languages.

8. Oktober fest :

This festival takes place in Berlin in the beginning of winter. Which has its own different views. Famous for beer made in Germany, this event is a great opportunity to know about local culture. Well, such events have started happening for years now.

East side gallery, What are things to do in berlin ?

9. East Side Gallery :

The colourful East Side Gallery is the largest open-air gallery in the world and features a series of striking artworks on a stretch of the former Berlin Wall. Stretching for over 1.3 kilometres, the East Side Gallery is the longest single segment of the Berlin Wall still remaining.

Right after the wall fell in 1989, 118 artists from 21 different countries painted this section of the wall. The artworks make a political commentary on events during the time as well as spread messages of love and peace.

Conclusion :

If you only have a few days to explore the city, don’t worry. Weirdglobe has put together a definitive list of the best attractions in Berlin to help you best plan your visit. one million people gathering to bring in the New Year at one of Berlin’s most iconic sites.

What are Things to Do in Berlin ?

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