What is the best way to study?
What is the best way to study?

Each student has the desire to succeed in the examination. To become superior Desire is in the mind of every student. Parents of the students also have the desire that their son, daughter should give herself a full-fledged struggle in this struggle of life and by winning herself, prove her ability and ability.

What is the best way to study?
What is the best way to study?

What is the best way to study?

Students work hard for it. Every effort is made according to its capacity and ability. Some students live in normal conditions before the examination. Do lots of hard work. All work is done by disciplined time, but as soon as the exams start approaching, they start behaving abnormally. Believing on their own is lost. They start preparing their other companions’ preparations better than themselves.

They become a victim of strange tension, panic. There is no enthusiasm for catering too. From the top appear normal, but internally with a frightened feeling. Suffer from depression, feel dull and inanimate. It’s a terrible situation. Such a situation should be avoided. Recall, the lack of self-confidence is the closest staircase to failure. Now the question arises that then what will the witch do? You will be able to do well in the exam by adopting some of the following suggestions.

What Should Student do? :

Have a balanced diet

Remember that healthy brain resides in healthy body. Some students become indifferent to eating and drinking as soon as they arrive. The result of which is that they become unwell during the examinations, as it is necessary to work hard to get good marks in the examination, in the same way, it is also necessary to be healthy and refreshing in the examinations. You have to keep your health care yourself. Eat delicious and light food Drink more water than possible.

Presentation of the answers to the questions in the exams is important for getting good marks. Be sure to practice the answer before the test. Summarization is an art.

Yoga and exercise –

Yoga and meditation help in attaining concentration. It has greater ability to remember, and you remain more refreshing and stress free. Concentration plays a very big role in the formation of the future and is most helpful in achieving goal. Yoga can do in the morning or evening anytime.

Get enough sleep-

Sufficient sleep is absolutely essential for a good mental state, due to lack of sleep, memory loss is lost and there is no mind in any work. 5 to 7 hours sleep is enough.

Use the minimum number of mobile phones-

Now a days, students spend too much time talking on mobile and using social media. This mobile stole your precious time, which can not be found back. Minimize the use of mobile as soon as you start the examination.

Regular practice Make notes of your own-

This advice can be done regularly by writing the necessary points related to each subject, prepare your own revision notes. The notes of the river are readily understood and you can not forget it in the examination. This advice will be very beneficial for achieving your success and goal. Are there. Use of scientific methods like SOSR and mind map will prove to be more effective.

Think Positive – Avoid Negative People

Make the distance from those who scare you in the name of exams and do pessimistic talk. Read some pages of inspirational books every day to remember positive thoughts. Positive thinking results in positive results only.

Believe in self-

He who does not believe in himself does not believe in God. Failure of lack of confidence can lead to failure. To this day you have taken so much examination and have succeeded. It is also a test, without success can not be taken for the success of the examination.

What are the best ways to study
What are the best ways to study

Manage time-

As soon as the examination is approaching, the students focus only on studying only and, due to which they do not pay attention to other activities such as adequate food, walk, etc., and also fall ill, so suggest that give each subject equal time and friends Let’s move around with the ability to exercise and organize actions in the timetable. You have to assess yourself where and where you are wasting time, which time you can use meaningfully to fulfill your goals.

Use the right way to write answers in the exam-

It is often seen. A lot of preparation and studying students can not bring as many points as they could come in line with the study, the reason for this is that the study
But there is a lot of difference in the presentation of the answer. Presentation of the answers to the questions in the exams is important for getting good marks. Practice writing a reply before the examination. Summarization is an art.

Writing too much in less time or less in less words is the key to success. It does not even leave any of your answers written in the answer sheet.

To resolve the question papers of the previous years in the time limit try. To be successful in any exam You will have to make all the preparations according to that examination. If you are taking part in the written examination, then you can understand the fact that you get the marks in the exam only on the basis of the reply you wrote, and not the basis But that’s how much you’ve worked, or what you remember.

How to relieve stress and anxiety
How to relieve stress and anxiety

Pay attention to writing –

Write clear articles to answer questions and answer each question After writing, pull a long line from the black ball pen
Some students are confused as to whom
The more answers will be filled, the better points will be found, which is completely wrong. The answer related to the question is written only. Do not waste time. Columns on either side of the answer sheet (Haasia) do not make.

What not to do –

Shortcut methods are used for different types of pens Experiment, left out anxiety and stress and inconsistencies. All of this will be a hindrance to your success. Use the same pen in the examination so that your article comes beautiful, while answering the answer in the answer sheet, someone can tell you the distraught pen because you do not have the practice to hold on that pen happen.


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