Did You know wettest place on Earth ?

Cherrapunji is wettest place on earth. Cherrapunji’s bhaga-bhija weather, cold winds, valleys, and the best destination for Cloud Adventure, colliding with the mountains, included in the world’s most rainy places.

Wettest Place on Earth

The rainy season on the mountains is very beautiful and romantic, and then in Cherrapunji, it remains rainy for 12 months. So, what about the weather here? Cherrapunji is also called “Waitest Place of the Word” and “Capital of Rain” because of the record of the highest rainfall recorded.

Due to the evergreen weather, tourists continue to travel around the year. Cherrapunji is only 34.7 miles from Shillong, capital of Meghalaya. is far. Ride on the way, but not much. You will not know when you will reach Cherrapunji while passing through high hills and tide-roads.

There are mountains and valleys around Cherrapunji. There are lots of ferns, pine and aerocarial trees, many types of local fruits, oranges, and chinnas. Some special types of grass and flowers are also seen. The main occupation of the very large castes is wild produce.

These people are beauty lovers. They also make artistic clothes, shawls and decorative things and sell them. Their homes are beautiful, they are decorated. They are very faithful towards their earth, religion, society and customs.

Sohar :

The name of this favorite place of foreign and foreign tourists coming to Meghalaya has now changed. It was named as Sohra and now it has been restored again. In 1830, the British rulers made Cherrapunji their regional headquarters. The British had a lot of difficulty in pronouncing the name Sohar in its present name. They started saying it to the chera.

After that, the locals added a group of clouds to the Panguzi in this name, which later became Cherrapunji, but the demand to give Cherrapunji his real name was started and after the public movement, the state government changed its name and again Decided to Sohra.

Wettest place on Earth, weird Globe

Highest Rain Record :

The names of Cherrapunji or Sohra are recorded in several rains. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the highest rainfall in the same year is 22 thousand 987 mm. One was from August 1860 to July 1861. The highest rainfall in one month was 9300 mm in July 1861. Entered Sohar’s record is also recorded in most 61-inch rains in a single day.

Despite all this, the rain has started decreasing for the past few years and Mohsinram has more rainfall here. Well, the rain is less or more, but it is very nice. Due to its amazing and attractive natural shade, it has been tempting the waterfalls and natural beauty tourists around Cherrapunji.

Wettest place on Earth

Beautiful waterfalls :

The most attractive place of Cherrapunji is the Nobelikai Falls, which falls from a high altitude, the milky spring boasts a poignant narrative in its own right. It is said that when a woman named Lakai returned home from work on her own day, she questioned her husband for her child. Husband said that the baby has been cut and cooked to eat.

Likai was shocked by the shock and jumped into this spring. From then on, the name of this spring was named Noahkalai. By the way, the entire look of the waterfall can be seen from the view point, but stairs are also made to go down to the typical bottom.

Rama krishna Mission Institute :

One of the oldest Ramakrishna Mission Institute in Cherrapunji is the institute. The students here are knowledgeable in Hindi, English, Khasi, Bangla languages.

There are work of woolen clothes, artifacts, making medicines from herbs etc. The entire institute is famous for its grandeur, peace, cleanliness and different activities.

Wettest place on Earth

Cemetery :

3.1miles from Cherrapunji Nine Sungithiang Falls and Mausamai Falls in the South. Caves in the forest near Mausamai Village have their own distinctive nature. With the combination of water with lime stones, strange and astounding shapes have become strange, which attract tourists very much.

The water in the cave is filled up to the knees. The stones are high-low, smooth and sharp, narrower somewhere and walking on wide shapes, climbing scares and also makes them crying. There are three ways to go to the cave.

Living Bridge :

In the jungles of Cherrapunji, the branches of trees and roots can be seen. They are also called “Living Bridge”. People make such bridges with special techniques that are ready in 10-15 years and they are used for hundreds of years. Here is one such old bridge being used for 500 years.

In the second sight of Cherrapunji, Mokdok Dimap Valley, which comes from Shillong to Cherapapudi, is very beautiful and green. Here are the famous dinthalen waterfalls, Don Bosco Shrine, Church, David Scott Memorial, Green Kenyon of Cherrapunji, Eco Park, Canernum Waterfall etc.

Maoulong Seam Peak :

Cherrapunji is another place filled with adventures, courage and beauty for the passengers coming in Maolung Seam Peak. A waterfall falls away from here, the cover of clouds, the plain part of the Sylhet district of Bangladesh and the forest surrounded by dense trees is visible. There is a beautiful garden, in which the passengers can sit, roam and watch.

In the garden, there are steps and pathways built for floral slopes, swings, fountains, and strolls, on which walks, lavish tourists keep singing humming in fun. In the eastern region, it is early in the evening. That’s why Maolong can go directly to Shillong from Seam Peak.

Cherrapunji can also be used for a day trip by taxi tax from Shillong. There are several holiday resorts to stay here.

Wettest place on Earth –¬†Cherrapunji

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