Such will be the death of our sun?, Weird Globe
Such will be the death of our sun?

Is Death of Nebular Hot Sun Possible and its Impact?

Our whole world is roaming around the sun. When the sun turns out, it is the day and when the sun falls, then it becomes evening.

But what if some day the sun turns out? If the sun dies, will this world also end?

You must have heard about breaking the stars.But has it ever heard that the star present in the center of our solar system, which is called Sun, will also end it some day.

Scientists believe that Sun will die in the next five billion years. But till now they did not even know that when this incident would happen then what would happen?

Size of the giant sun :

An international team of astronomers from Manchester University of Britain has succeeded in finding this.

They made some predictions of the changes that occurred during this incident.

According to these astronomers, when the time of sun’s death approaches, it will turn into interstellar (between stars) in a bright ring of gas and dust.

This process is called the Planetary Nebula (Nebula). This process of the planetary nebula changes by 90% in the living stars and the size of the colored sun in red becomes like a small white colored sphere.

Albert Zieszlestra, a writer of the study entitled Nature Astronomy, said, “When a star dies, so many gas and dust are released from it, which are called enlopment. These dust and gas are half of the Sun’s mass Reaches and also affects the star’s nucleus. When Nucleus comes in contact with it, it gradually weakens and dies. ”

Impact of Death of Sun ?

According to the scientists, “This happens when the gas and dust released from the star due to the warm inner part of the star flash for 10,000 years, it is a small period in astronomy.”

“With this, the planetary nebula is visible. Many nebulae are so bright that they can be seen from millions of light years away.”

Albert Zieszlstra of Manchester University said, “Not only can we detect the existence of a thousand years old stars, but now we have also discovered that what the sun will do when dying.”

Until the completion of the study the scientists did not know exactly how it would be with the sun.

Such will be the death of our sun?, Weird Globe
Such will be the death of our sun?

Decades debate

To understand what will happen to the sun, the astronomers team has developed a new data model.

These data models predict the brightness emitted from different weights and stars.

This new model works to illuminate the contradictions between collected data and predicted scientific models.

Albert says, “The figures show that you can get a bright planetary nebula even with low-weight stars like the sun.”

“Earlier models used to say that this can not happen, they believed that at least the sun can produce a double star-shaped planetary nebula.”

Weak but bright

Now it is known that during the death of stars, when there is gas and dust out of it, it gets three times more hot than the previous estimation.

This is the reason why a low-weight star like sun is also made of a bright Planetary Nebula. Scientists have found that the sun is a low-fat star.

Yet he could make a visible planetary nebula. Although he is very weak too.

In the end, Albert says, “The results of this search are excellent. Not only now do we know the way to find out about the few hundred years old stars in the distant solar system, but now we have also discovered that when What will he do when the sun dies? ”


Is Death of Nebular Hot Sun Possible and its Impact?

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