We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth
We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth

Do you know We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth. Today our Only the mistakes on us and the future generations But it is going to be over whelming.

Recently with the flood in Kerala India Back to the plastic garbage or answer Winterin India, especially in Delhi. The harmful smog hit in the mountains. The landslide that happens to every such problem we are Responsible.

Human destroying earth – Weirdglobe

Increasing temperature increases world wide Sea water melting with ice to be highly polluted to the environment.In India, plastic envelopes in many states are definitely banned but it is far from complete to finish it completely. This only Plastic is the most dangerous element for the world’s pollution, it affects water, land and sky all three.

According to the figures, by 2034 more than 64 million tonnes in the world Will be plastic. Cutting the blind mist of trees is also responsible for the increasing pollution in the environment. By 2030, only 10 percent rain forests will remain in the world and all the forests will end in the coming 100 years. Due to these, 28 thousand species of the world will end in the next 25 years.

The faster the population will grow in the world, the resources will be exploited as fast as possible. According to an estimate of the world by 2025 Half of the population will suffer from water shortage. As the population increases, forests are being cut faster and 50 percent of the wild species have been threatened.

We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth
We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth

Paris agreement to save Earth :

Today the temperature of the world due to pollution is growing rapidly. Global in the past 100 years Sea level rose up to 8 inches. The result of this is that in Antarctica Penguins couples reduced by 32 thousand only 11 thousand remain.

The Paris Climate Agreement was to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas. Which will be starting from 2020. 196 countries It was agreed on December 12, 2015. 195 member nations have signed this. However, the world’s rich country
The agreement seems to be stepping back and America has already expressed its desire to separate from it.

According to experts, if all nations take steps according to the Paris agreement to deal with the threat of climate change
By 2030, the world will have an economic advantage of $ 26 trillion. The money can be used to deal with the dangers caused by climate change.

This savings can be utilized for the use of technologies favorable for climate change, 6.5 million new jobs in low carbon economy, 7 million deaths due to air pollution, and global on fossil fuels. Around $ 2.8 billion subsidy will be eliminated.

India is the fourth largest carbon emitter :

After China, US and European Union, India is the largest carbon-emitter country on the fourth place By implementing India, India will also have huge economic benefits. It is important that in many countries still subsidy on fossil fuels has been there. Across the world including India, adopting favorable technology to combat climate change is fast approaching. like led. Bulb, low power consumption electrical equipment, electric vehicle etc.

Human destroying earth

We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth
We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth

Target of Paris agreement :

  • Keep the global average temperature below 2 degrees Celsius and keeping the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, which can reduce the risk and impact of climate change.
  • Developing the ability to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Most countries have declared their targets of energy efficiency, under which India has set a target of 33-35 percent reduction in energy consumption.
  • Also aims to develop 40 percent green energy capacity by 2030.


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