how to study for board exams in one month
how to study for board exams in one month

Throughout the year, students prepare themselves for exams from different books, helpful books. And try to strengthen their roots, but it may be fatal to do this in the last two months of the exam …

The CBSE has announced the date of the examination. And the concern has started to increase among the students. Various techniques, expert advice to get good points in the examination, increase the number of calls to the CBSE call center And especially when subject mathematics is about its preparation, then the matter becomes even more sensitive. Let’s prepare for mathematics:

There is no doubt that there is more concern in the students about mathematics, but this is a subject in which nothing is available for everyone. This topic where you are able to get 100% marks, for those student students who are 50 to 70 points that are needed (some Leaving the chapters that seem difficult to them) Can make your way easier. Most for this.

More important that you are on the CBSE website Go to see the blue print of related topics from Of each chapter coming to you
Participation in terms of exam
You will find it easily by which you can
Will succeed in creating strategies if
Less read or read less on your score
What will it affect? Do this before you
The problem will be solved. There is a verse of Sanskrit – Tawad Bhisheshu Bhantavya Yavidyamnagatam

You may be afraid of the intelligent teacher.
It means – until fear is afraid Do not come to you and if the fear comes to you, its bout and doubtless Compete with you.

Classification of chapters under the subject:
It is often seen that without proper preparation you Imagine winning a good competition. Every student already knows about his subject. That is how many points he is aiming for. So ever It can not be that the ocean is in a bucket But this will only happen when you need it Prepare from you. First of all, Select which you can easily understand. And then from those chapters in the last 10 years Strengthen your grip by reading related questions Do it. After doing this, a little harder and in the end Read the hardest chapters. If you are of class 10
Talk about the actual number, theorem
Statistics, composition, probability are such chapters in which Less work is needed only if you are in class 12 Talk about the relation and function, matrix, Linear programming can be done easily. And in these three chapters there are about 32 points. Its
After you apply for integration (chapter-8),
maxima and minima, shortest distance, bave’s theorem, vector Such questions that can be selected and The number of questions in them is limited but points is more.

Find Better Than Better

Jaye river then seek the ocean Breaks from glass stone injuries, Find the shaded stone like a mirror

Make notes – students prepare themselves throughout the year from supporting books. And tries to consolidate its root, But remember that in the last 2 months of the exam It can be fatal. So from the beginning Your understanding, a list of important questions.

It is extremely important for you to have
Do not read and write your own books
Avoid wasting important time. The last
Read better than reading everything in days.
In class 10, the coordinates of geometry in class 12 continuity, inverse trigonometryin
creasing and decreasing equivalence
Questions on questions like relatiom
You have full faith in NCERT questions
It would not be fair to do So for these chapters You also read helpful materials.

Continuous practice:

You are doing this Kabiradas Doha
Must be read. Dissertation from the study;
It has a direct meaning that if you practice continuously If you find it difficult to find the target easily you Can. Now continuous practice means in studies To be regular Not that you read 10 hours a day And for 2 days you have not even seen the book.
You make an effort by which you have at least 3 hours Can continuously study the subject. Meditating someone The novel is not like reading, so preparing you by writing
Have to do NCERT’s first to practice
Read the books well and all its examples
Be sure to solve. In the example of quitting the solved questions Mistake will not give you anything except remorse. Last Time
Examples in and in each chapter such questions which are examined Useful to the eyes or questions that hurt you The continuous practice of that is leading you to success Will do After the text book of NCERT you Also do the NCERT Exempler because in this book There are many such questions that are there as well as the hots. The NCERT is one of the non-availability questions. when you Take the mastery of both of these samples of paper Practice.

Time management: –

Time management is important in exam
The point on which you need to pay attention from the beginning. Before the exam, you need to submit at least 20 sample papers to your Try to give an environment in the environment such as exams. To say Meaning to take the test, choose a place where Do not tighten for 3 hours and during this time you bar Avoid getting up. At the beginning Will not solve but gradually decrease the range and for 3 hours
Instead you try to solve the answers in two and a half hours And after doing almost 10 sample papers, you can Feeling that your effort is in the right direction. These preparations will create a fondness in your mind and You will also be able to control yourself in the examination room and all
To solve the questions in a given time
Do not face the problem.

Do not be defeated, my friend falls
If pain is here, medication will also be available


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