How to relieve stress and anxiety
How to relieve stress and anxiety

Let me tell you the technique of getting stress free. These methods will make you feel a bit complicated, but unlike them, it is really easy and bringing down your blood pressure, removes the exhaustion of slowing down.

Ask yourself if you are in stress. sometimes The answer is equally clear, so you ask yourself whether there is tension in my muscles, I feel tired headache worried.

How to relieve stress and anxiety :

Stress and anxiety are no longer limited to adults only. I complained of having a 5-year-old child in tension these days heard. If we ignore our personal pain due to stress, then alone, the health of 1.3 million annually on diseases caused by stress in America The expenditure is a burden on the society.

Likewise, the countries of the European Union spend an amount of 1.3 million annually on tensile citizens. Are you thinking of the reason behind the huge size of stress that is causing stress? Stressful relationships, economic conditions, health, workload, time limit, this list is quite long. Ask yourself if you are in stress.

How to relieve stress and anxiety
How to relieve stress and anxiety

Sometimes it does not get an equally clear answer. So you ask yourself this. Are there muscles in my muscles, I feel anxiety headache, or have problems sleeping. Then you will get the right answer. Now that you have identified your problem, you can start working on it.

To improve focus, reduce the level of stress hormone in the body will help to increase blood flow to many vital body parts. Along with the reduction of sleep apnea, remove old pain. It will be helpful in resolving many other physical problems, such as keeping blood sugar levels stable. Recently, I read about a study in which it has been found that the technique of stress-free is also to increase the confidence of a person If you do not believe in my things then try these techniques before going to any exam or interview yourself, and feel the benefits yourself.

1. The breathing exercises: suddenly you are worried. Close your eyes and focus on your breaths. Your breathing
Feel how fast it is running and try to be calm and stable. Be kind to yourself.

2. Start slowly by breathing slowly with the help of deep and long breath through your nose. Repeat these breaths until you count 4. After this, stop your breath and count to 7.

3. Then, counting 8, breathing in your mouth and Start taking it. Do not be hasty during this process. Put yourself under pressure to count these points quickly. Make your own number order according to your liking. Such as 2,, 3 or, 39 or anything you want. It just needs to be effective for you. It is completely in your hands. This technique lets you gradually return to a quiet situation Will help, no matter how difficult situations you might be in.

How to relieve stress and anxiety
How to relieve stress and anxiety

Physical stress :

Sitting in a chair at the same time throughout the day does not cause any stretch on your muscles, resulting in your body and mind. Tension increases on both of them. If you feel the pleasure, do your shoulder neck and head exercises and stretch your back too, stretching. The stress-free technique does not work for just one time, but on regular exercise,
– There will also be information about stretch and stress related to the muscles and brain, and with the help of this information, you will get great help in controlling your stress.

With the passage of time, you begin to understand the reasons for stress on yourself and start working on them even before any unpleasant incidents happen. These techniques are, in fact, the skills you develop in a regular practice. So be patient with yourself and do not expect miracles. And of course, the technique to relieve this tension, even in the unfavorable way, will not be a new reason for your stress.

Read about a study in which it has been found that the technique of stress-free is also effective in enhancing a person’s self-confidence.

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