beneficial mango, Extra beneficial mango
beneficial mango, Extra beneficial mango

Extra beneficial Mango of India :

Let’s see Extra Benficial Mango of India.In ancient temples and buildings, mango lentils, leaves are carved out of fruit and made them visible. It is clear from  that the fruits of mango are obtained in two different ways in our country; firstly, the seeds are preferred by the first of the kalam mango. Nowadays some of the famous mangoes – Biju, Bangalouri, Alkalangin, Krishnabog, Himsagar, Tottapri, Munda, Malgova, White Alphonse etc.

Use of Mango:

Mango is typically used in two ways, the first pickle, and the second is to cook it as a fruit. To cook, the raw curd is cooked artificially by breaking the mango. It is said to sail Pickles are made of raw mango. People make it by adding spices according to their own interest. In this way common is a part of our daily diet. Not only that, it also has medicinal properties, it is also common healthcare.

Benefits of Mango:


It is extremely beneficial for the heart. It is a good medicine for constipation such as abdominal disorders.Dry dry leaves are hiccups closed which cure disease of throat

Disease like cholera or plague is also removed from its pulp, its glue eliminates skin disease if uses with lemon juice. Mango and berries  juice is  also collected to prevent the strain of newborn baby.

It is also useful to stop bleeding.

The diarrhea patient is not common, the powder of kernels benefits like Sanjivani Buti. It is to empower blood vessels, stimulants, pimping disorders, and give strength to the intestines. According to the scientist, the amount of vitamin C in general is the highest.

The amount of vitamin A is also more common in general, making the normal body fat and strong. It comes in its leaves, blossom and wood pots, pylons and havanes. In this way, mango is full of nutrients and medicinal properties.

Extra beneficial mango of India

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