Cheapest countries to travel from India
Cheapest countries to travel from India

This post include Cheapest country to travel in world. If you are planning foreign travel in a lower budget then the idea of ​​going to Bangladesh will be best. There are many options to go around for which you do not have to spend a lot of money …

Bangladesh has one or two not many small spaces which are best to explore. Apart from the capital Dhaka and Chitagaon there are also other cities where you can enjoy Bengali culture as well as enjoy it. There are different experiences to celebrate holidays at off-beat places. You can easily plan a trip to Bangladesh surrounded by Natural Beauty, in a small budget.

Go to Bangladesh to see these places :

Dhaka :

Dhaka cheapest country to travel
Dhaka cheapest country to travel

Famous for industrial, commercial, cultural, educational and political activities, Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Not only due to the country’s capital, it is also a fest among the tourists due to its many attractions. There are approximately 7 million population in Dhaka with 815 square km area. Here are many samples of old and new civilizations. The biggest trade of paddy, sugarcane and tea is from here. All facilities are available daily in Tongi, Tejgaon, Demra, Pagla, Kanpur. Motijheel is the main commercial area here. The famous Sadarghat of Dhaka is built on the old Ganga river. From here the tourists and the local people can be seen all the time. Facilities like boat, steamer, pedal steamer, motor etc. are available to see the beautiful views of Sadarghat.

Rangamati :


Rangamati can be reached from a rugged road between the greenery. The real joy of beautiful mountains and natural scenery comes here only. The Rangamati located in the west of Kaptaai Lake is also known as the heart of the lake. Beautiful Landscape, Natural Beauty, Lake, Hanging Bridge, Jewelery made of ivory, Chakma and Murama tribes museums are the hotspots here. Rangamati has many facilities like fishing, speedboat cruise, water skiing for the outgoing tourists.

Sylhet :

The gardens of green tea and the beauty of the Surma valley greatly enhance the attraction of this place. Besides tea, here orange and pineapple trees look very beautiful. In this valley many winter birds come in winter. Sillamat of Sylhet is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh. The tea fields are spread to miles, which appear to be visible from a distance. There are about 150 types of tea gardens available here. Apart from this, Sylhet is also famous for Hazrat Shah Halal.

Cuacata :

Kukatata Beach of Patua, Bangladesh is one of the beautiful and quiet beaches. Here is a different realization of the sun’s rise and fall. This beach is located 70 km away from Patuaad. The main reason for the tourists coming here is the tranquil atmosphere here. There is also a facility for pre-booking to come here. Also, the guides are also present here, which tell about the surrounding area and rotate there.

Cuptai :

Chittagong can be reached after traveling 64 km. The look of green forests and blue waters doubles the beauty here. The Kapate Lake, spread over 680 sq km, is built on the Kamphuli river. Here the ancient Chit Morong Buddhist Temple and its statue are worth visiting. The surrounding Chandraghon, Khagrachari and Bandarban are also very good to visit.

Sunderban :

About 320 km from Dhaka is a place called Khulna in the west. The expanse of 6000 square km area is known for the largest mangrove forests. Sunderbans Royal Bengal is the stronghold of Tigers. The forests here can easily be seen roaming around them. There is also a different joy to watch the horse, cheetah, deer, monkey, python and wild bears. There are also comfortable houses to stay here.

Chittagong :

Surrounded by hills, dense forests and lakes, Chitgaon is a very good place to celebrate holidays. This is the second largest city in Bangladesh. It is also called the gateway of Bengal because it has an international port. The lush mountains, the far-flung beach and the pleasant weather extend the beauty of Chittagong. Chitgaon is famous for heavy, medium and light industry. The only steel and oil factory in Bangladesh is also located here. To reach Dhaka from here, there are options ranging from road to rail, flight and seaplane.

Rajshai :

Rajshai has great importance since the rule of the Pala dynasty. This place is especially famous for pure silk, mango and litchi. Silk clothes are found here at cheap prices. Here, to see the art of ancient times, it would be right to visit the Varendra Research Museum. Walking through Dhaka, road, flights, and sea routes can be here. Rajshai is situated on the bank of Padam river. There is a great convenience to stay and eat.


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