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Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables :

{Let’s see Benefits of fruits and vegetables.¬†Fruits and vegetables contain important nutrients }

These elements are very important for health.

Their deficiency leads to many types of diseases :

World Health Organization (WHO) believes that childhood obesity is a ‘dangerous dream’ in developing countries. In a survey, evaluation of the eating habits of school children of India, found that 50 percent of children use junk food or other unhealthy food daily. Fruits and vegetables are unique in nature. They contain important nutrients, which are very helpful in the physical and mental development of children.

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According to Laura Moore, a dietician of the Texas Health Science Center University at the Houston School of Public Health, there are many types of diseases due to lack of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Night blindness due to deficiency of vitamin A involves the lack of magnesium deficiency due to lack of normal weakness and reduction of potassium irregular heartbeats.

There is a possibility of having diseases such as constipation and hemorrhoids by not taking intake. Moore explains that fruit and vegetables contain cellulose, which increases the stool weight, makes the passage easier and reduces the transit time. In addition, there is a fiber that helps in reducing or preventing constipation. A study of Harvard Medical School has shown that fiber found in fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of diverticular disease.

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American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) According to, no food can protect you against cancer, but diet rich in plant-based foods can help reduce the risk of cancer. Carotenoid including beta carotene- Pigment, spinach, deep orange fries potato Squash and carrots can be protected against cellular damage and cancers associated with low rates of cancer and low calorie in the calories and the calories in the calf because they can eat more and less.

Study can be more satisfying than calories. “Studies have proven that diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces high blood pressure. Due to the effect of reducing blood pressure, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, heart disease and stroke risk Apart from this, fruits and vegetables do not contain cholesterol, which keeps the heart from getting sick.

Recently a large Spanish Studies have shown that people who eat fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities experience lower rates of developing depression. Moore says that low-risk depression in nutrients such as Phototic Acid and Vitamin B6 can be the reason for those who do not consume it in sufficient quantity Contain antioxidants.

It prevents the formation of the body, causing colon, Breast, prostate etc. is prevented from cancer. Potassium and magnesium in orange have high amounts, which have blood pressure control, found substances known as quantum enzyme and beta water carotene, which are found by eating regular apples, we keep away from them.

It is found that the fiber of the blindness is a treasure of fiber in the compound pearl. Pineapple juice extracted fat by melting the fat. Regular consumption of grapes juice gives considerable relief to migraine grapes.

One study has shown that people who eat enough fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop depression.

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