9 Unbelievable facts about Science
9 Unbelievable facts about Science

Hey!! do you know 9 unbelievable facts about science? However,you read many fact about science but those post are very long and difficult to read, Here you read one Line unbelievable facts about science

9 Unbelievable Facts About Science 

Here you know about some mind blowing facts about daily science. Science is cool and Interesting you know. Humans are fascinated by Science. These 9 facts surprise you.

1. 20% of Earth’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest.

2.Ligh takes 8 minutes, 19 sec. to travel from the Sun to the Earth.

3.Venus is the only planet to spin clockwise.

4.Pacific ocean covered 30% of area on Earth.

5. There is no sound in Space.

9 Unbelievable facts about Science
9 Unbelievable facts about Science

6.Cold water heats up faster than hot water.

7.We have no idea what’s universe looks like.

8.Rain contain vitamin B12.

9.By 2050 sea will be more Plastics and Garbage than Fishes.

10.72% of people have creative insight the shower.

9 Unbelievable Facts about Science

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