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How to increase brain power fast

how to increase brain power fast
how to increase brain power fast

Did you ever do that Is that you try to remember something And he came to you in your mind No one’s name or anyone’s name Try to remember the place’s name It can happen many times in a while.

However, remove the weakness of the memory To increase the power of the brain Can be done here. Tips have to be adopted.

Regular Exercise: By Exercise

The brain is better. Better interaction between cells Occurs and also the formation of new cells Happens. Exercise Can take more oxygen than and Exercise in the open and also Vitamin ‘D’ Get.

Staring to remember:

This technique Use by the actors. If you do Remind her to do things with the movement There is a greater chance of being. Just like if you give a presentation Whether to give a speech or a speech, prepare for it Walking or dancing your notes for Remember to be different.

Balanced diet:

Whatever sugar and Energy consumes 20 percent of its The part goes straight to the brain, this is the reason The brain’s working condition is glucose Depends on the level .If your Sugar level is not controlled then your brain Confusion can be done. Such food may be better for eating, due to which Dopamine Chemical Exits Also keep in mind that the brain Cells are made of fat, so eat Do not give up using fat. other than this Dry spinach and fish too Are better for our brain.

Avoid Stress:

Stress For The Mind Better because in the emergency Your brain thinks faster but Staying Tired for More Time Not so good for time Perfectly cut off from the world at time. It happens because it relaxes the mind Get.

Looking for new challenges: Brain-healthy

It is important to keep that challenge you
Keep doing, keep learning new things. Meaning someone Learn new language or learn any new art By doing you can increase your brain capacity are there. If not able to do all this, then your friends and family members play online games.

Listen to music: On the music’s mind

There is magical effect. Listen to someone
Watch or watch a musical instrument
You will feel that his whole body is active
is. Many times the cases of custodial death
Music has also been seen to benefit from.

Read and sleep if you are in the day

If you read something new, give it to your brain Cells are added to the cells, when you
Those who sleep are strong and Whatever you teach, your memories Sleep is so involved in sleep The most important element to keep is. This only The reason is that watching movies before sleeping or Avoid seeing horror stories. Should sleep with positive experiences.

Sufficient with sunlight

Sleep is very important but too much gold.
Can cause harm. You five hours If you sleep less than you mentally Can not be alert Can also happen when you have more than 10 hours Sleep.

The best condition is that you dark
Sleep in and light up slowly Rising in the form of sunlight This light When passing through your eyelids, it passes. So mind ready for better response Does. Sunlight does not come in the house If so, buy an alarm in which the light Have a system installed.

Howw to increase brain power fast

Best Cheapest country to travel in world :

Cheapest countries to travel from India
Cheapest countries to travel from India

This post include Cheapest country to travel in world. If you are planning foreign travel in a lower budget then the idea of ​​going to Bangladesh will be best. There are many options to go around for which you do not have to spend a lot of money …

Bangladesh has one or two not many small spaces which are best to explore. Apart from the capital Dhaka and Chitagaon there are also other cities where you can enjoy Bengali culture as well as enjoy it. There are different experiences to celebrate holidays at off-beat places. You can easily plan a trip to Bangladesh surrounded by Natural Beauty, in a small budget.

Go to Bangladesh to see these places :

Dhaka :

Dhaka cheapest country to travel
Dhaka cheapest country to travel

Famous for industrial, commercial, cultural, educational and political activities, Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Not only due to the country’s capital, it is also a fest among the tourists due to its many attractions. There are approximately 7 million population in Dhaka with 815 square km area. Here are many samples of old and new civilizations. The biggest trade of paddy, sugarcane and tea is from here. All facilities are available daily in Tongi, Tejgaon, Demra, Pagla, Kanpur. Motijheel is the main commercial area here. The famous Sadarghat of Dhaka is built on the old Ganga river. From here the tourists and the local people can be seen all the time. Facilities like boat, steamer, pedal steamer, motor etc. are available to see the beautiful views of Sadarghat.

Rangamati :


Rangamati can be reached from a rugged road between the greenery. The real joy of beautiful mountains and natural scenery comes here only. The Rangamati located in the west of Kaptaai Lake is also known as the heart of the lake. Beautiful Landscape, Natural Beauty, Lake, Hanging Bridge, Jewelery made of ivory, Chakma and Murama tribes museums are the hotspots here. Rangamati has many facilities like fishing, speedboat cruise, water skiing for the outgoing tourists.

Sylhet :

The gardens of green tea and the beauty of the Surma valley greatly enhance the attraction of this place. Besides tea, here orange and pineapple trees look very beautiful. In this valley many winter birds come in winter. Sillamat of Sylhet is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh. The tea fields are spread to miles, which appear to be visible from a distance. There are about 150 types of tea gardens available here. Apart from this, Sylhet is also famous for Hazrat Shah Halal.

Cuacata :

Kukatata Beach of Patua, Bangladesh is one of the beautiful and quiet beaches. Here is a different realization of the sun’s rise and fall. This beach is located 70 km away from Patuaad. The main reason for the tourists coming here is the tranquil atmosphere here. There is also a facility for pre-booking to come here. Also, the guides are also present here, which tell about the surrounding area and rotate there.

Cuptai :

Chittagong can be reached after traveling 64 km. The look of green forests and blue waters doubles the beauty here. The Kapate Lake, spread over 680 sq km, is built on the Kamphuli river. Here the ancient Chit Morong Buddhist Temple and its statue are worth visiting. The surrounding Chandraghon, Khagrachari and Bandarban are also very good to visit.

Sunderban :

About 320 km from Dhaka is a place called Khulna in the west. The expanse of 6000 square km area is known for the largest mangrove forests. Sunderbans Royal Bengal is the stronghold of Tigers. The forests here can easily be seen roaming around them. There is also a different joy to watch the horse, cheetah, deer, monkey, python and wild bears. There are also comfortable houses to stay here.

Chittagong :

Surrounded by hills, dense forests and lakes, Chitgaon is a very good place to celebrate holidays. This is the second largest city in Bangladesh. It is also called the gateway of Bengal because it has an international port. The lush mountains, the far-flung beach and the pleasant weather extend the beauty of Chittagong. Chitgaon is famous for heavy, medium and light industry. The only steel and oil factory in Bangladesh is also located here. To reach Dhaka from here, there are options ranging from road to rail, flight and seaplane.

Rajshai :

Rajshai has great importance since the rule of the Pala dynasty. This place is especially famous for pure silk, mango and litchi. Silk clothes are found here at cheap prices. Here, to see the art of ancient times, it would be right to visit the Varendra Research Museum. Walking through Dhaka, road, flights, and sea routes can be here. Rajshai is situated on the bank of Padam river. There is a great convenience to stay and eat.

Niagara Falls best kept secret

The most visited 7 countries by tourists, weird Globe
City New Nature Usa Side Niagara Waterfalls Falls York Wallpaper Waterfall Hd

The area of ​​Niagara falls two hours from the city of Toronto, Canada’s bustling city of Toronto. This area is the center of tourism for many reasons. Know about it .

Niagara Falls best kept secret

The area of ​​Niagara falls two hours from the city of Toronto, Canada’s bustling city of Toronto. This area is the center of tourism for many reasons. On its way there are 70 wineries falling on the wine route or the Niagara-on-the-lake, which is uniquely attracted by tourists.

By the way, this city welcomes you with its charming boutiques, charming hotels and beautiful gardens. Any tourist arriving in this area is the first to visit Niagara Falls. Feeling water shots while walking the boat on the Niagara waterfall, watching the waterfall from the top of the river eating at the fall, helicopter ride or revolving restaurant of the Skyon Tower – all this presents a breathtaking view. Due to all these characteristics this area is in the center of tourist attraction.

View of Niagara from helicopter :

Niagara Falls got the chance to see the helicopter for the first time. Seeing the waterfall from this, we all had a tumultuous experience for all. I would have no hesitation in saying that there would be no better place than the place above Niagara Falls. It has conformed to all our expectations. Six-seat helicopter has shown all the main places of Niagara Falls within ten minutes. The celestial scene from the helicopter was filled with thrills and amazement, which was unique. I will ask for a trip without a hesitant helicopter.

Made of the Mist Name :

The experience of the transit of Niagara waterfall from the helicopter has further enhanced the desire to feel it. And it was only a boat ride – Made of the Mist could fulfill our desire. From the boat we saw the waterfall very closely. Shower falling water at full speed and its fright can be felt from the bottom. The tour operator gave us plastic ranniwiers, but you should still be ready to soak. Due to the loop, waterfall can be seen from all parts of the boat very well. In truth, there was no one forgetting experience. But it is important to ensure that your camera and other electronic gadgets are not wet.

Journey Behind the Falls :

Niagara Falls have gone to the waterfall, so do not miss this opportunity. For this, the elevator has to travel 150 feet behind the waterfall and it gives you the bottom of the waterfall. By feeling the sound of falling water while passing through the tunnel, it can read its history on the wall. To see the waterfalls, you can see and feel the distance of the waterfall from a few feet away from the distance. This is an unbelievable experience. Despite having a plastic raincoat, you will get wet with showers.

A lot for food lovers :

This area is also known not only for waterfall, but also for recipients bringing water to their celebrity chef’s mouth. Eating experience with the scenic view of Niagara Falls is always a memorable experience. If you want to tasty meals or want some light refreshments, then you can go to Hotel Sheraton Windows, where Chef Jamie Kennedy can enjoy with the unique view of Nigra Falls, made of hand-made food. From the revolving restaurant of the Scolon Tower located at an altitude of 775 feet above the waterfall, or even the restaurant restaurant, Niagara’s panoramic view can be seen.

For children :

Waterfall has a lot to entertain children. Close to it, the theme park with the skyline tower, the water park within the hotel, the farewell wheels and specially designed restaurants for children (Clifton Hill), Butterfly Conservatory, Marineland is also there. And of course, you will not forget the Niagara Waterfall.

What is million, billion, and Barrel

what is million, billion, and Barrel
what is million, billion, and Barrel

Many units are used in the world for measurement. Some of these are standard units, then some common colloquial
Used to be popular in the past.

what is million, billion, and Barrel
what is million, billion, and Barrel

What is million, billion, and Barrel

Although, most people have heard about these units, but they actually have fewer information about them. Here are your information about different units of measurement and weighing.

1 barrel = 159 liters international barrels use
Crude oil or petrol is in the business.
Measuring the quantity of petrol or crude oil
Has a unit of .1 barrel of 159 liters

1 gallon = 3.78 liter
Usually to measure water, this
The unit is used. Disputed water
In the case of treaties often hear it
It comes in 1. gallon 3.78 liters of liquid.

1 hectare = 2.47 acre
Good in this unit to measure the area
Good bites are also good. Usually property
It is used in buy-out . One hectare is equal to 2.47 acre.

1 yards = 36 in (3 ft)
This is also a unit to measure the area.
Which is used locally. There are 36 inches or three feet in the yards.

1 mile = 1.6 kilometers Use this unit length or distance Is used to measure 1. miles
1 is equal to 6 kilometers.

1 nautical mile = 1.852 kms
Measured sea distances in nautical miles.
So sometimes it is difficult for ordinary people to understand it .1 nautical
The mile is equal to 1.852 km.

1 quiltal = 100 kilograms Quettle to measure weight Used 1Q 100 Equals to kilograms.

1 ton = 1000 kg
Any of the production units of the industry
Tones to measure the amount of the object
Is used in 1000 tons
Kilograms or 10 quillals.

1 pound = 0.45 kg
Loads of newborn baby or sheep
Both of them from the pand
Is measured. Thick-1 pounds 0.45
Equals to kilograms.

1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes
For data storage in the digital world
This unit is used but it
Illness remains in people.1 terabytes
Actually would be 1,000 gigabytes

1 million = one million
The word used in the calculation
Millions of French words are .1 million
It is equal to one million.

1 billion = 1 billion
Billion than 1 million units
Billion is equal to 1 billion.

1 trillion = 1000 billion
Million and billions after number
The trillion gets place in the system.1
Trillion is equivalent to 1000 billion. It

Best bachelor party destinations in the world

Best bachelor party destinations in the world
Best bachelor party destinations in the world

Bachelor party before marriage, want to envy joyfully, these places of country and abroad are famous. Where to stay from nightlife to the party and a variety of other activities.

After Ranveer-Deepika, Priyanka-Nick’s marriage is the most popular marriage of this year. From outfits to dolls, makeups, wedding venues, everything was specially taken care of. From TV to newspapers and social media, the entire bachelor party is shadowed by photos of marriage and reception. Everyone will see the destination of Destiny Wedding.

Well you have noticed that the Bachelor party trends before marriage have been in the past few years since the past few years. At first, when they used to celebrate only those who had been groomed, now the elders are celebrating Bachelor with turmeric, henna. Priyanka Chopra also celebrated her Bachelor in Amsterdam. Which has always been involved in the festival of wake of Selebus and the Faavre Destination for the party. So what other places are for the Bachelor party, you will know about them …

berlin spree river, What are things to do in berlin

Best bachelor party destinations in the world

Bratislava :

Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, is also very famous as a party. With the historical, this city is very beautiful. There is no shortage of party hub here This city is top of the list of people who want to make a Bachelor party in the budget. At the club or in every place you will not have to loose too much pocket.

Prague :

For the Bachelorate Party, looking for a beautiful location with historic, Prague is the best place for this. Romantic City Prague has many places for the party. Also, this place is also worth the budget. Where you can freely enjoy without tension of money.

Goa :

Goa is also famous for not just for the party but for adventure adventure. So come here and you can party in the night and in the morning, the different kind of adventure sports enjoy You can also make a beach party here with the club being full of it. Which is very hacking. Bachelor celebration is different from Bollywood, ranging from Hollywood to the song.

Morocco :

Morocco is called a never-ending city. Where there is no lack of entertainment In Marrakech, especially in the Moroccan city of Paris, crowds from morning to evening are the same. The nightlife here is very good. From travel to the party every one is Morocco’s best place.

Things to do in Berlin, Germany Tourism, Germany travel

In addition to walking, London has always been a favorite destination for party frames. The club, pub, bar is full of it here. So if you want to classify Bachelor in a classic manner then London’s option is Best. Where on the beats you will tummy London as well.


Manchester is famous all over the world for its loud music, nightlife, fashion, club and bar. Here’s a different look at the night. Manchester is a very good destination if you want to have fun in the Bachelor party, where you do not need to drink to lounge. The loud music here is quite large. Making the days before your special day is always a memorable plan for Manchester.

what is mauritius famous for, weirdglobe, mauritius
what is mauritius famous for

Best bachelor party destinations in the world

What is the best way to study?

What is the best way to study?
What is the best way to study?

Each student has the desire to succeed in the examination. To become superior Desire is in the mind of every student. Parents of the students also have the desire that their son, daughter should give herself a full-fledged struggle in this struggle of life and by winning herself, prove her ability and ability.

What is the best way to study?
What is the best way to study?

What is the best way to study?

Students work hard for it. Every effort is made according to its capacity and ability. Some students live in normal conditions before the examination. Do lots of hard work. All work is done by disciplined time, but as soon as the exams start approaching, they start behaving abnormally. Believing on their own is lost. They start preparing their other companions’ preparations better than themselves.

They become a victim of strange tension, panic. There is no enthusiasm for catering too. From the top appear normal, but internally with a frightened feeling. Suffer from depression, feel dull and inanimate. It’s a terrible situation. Such a situation should be avoided. Recall, the lack of self-confidence is the closest staircase to failure. Now the question arises that then what will the witch do? You will be able to do well in the exam by adopting some of the following suggestions.

What Should Student do? :

Have a balanced diet

Remember that healthy brain resides in healthy body. Some students become indifferent to eating and drinking as soon as they arrive. The result of which is that they become unwell during the examinations, as it is necessary to work hard to get good marks in the examination, in the same way, it is also necessary to be healthy and refreshing in the examinations. You have to keep your health care yourself. Eat delicious and light food Drink more water than possible.

Presentation of the answers to the questions in the exams is important for getting good marks. Be sure to practice the answer before the test. Summarization is an art.

Yoga and exercise –

Yoga and meditation help in attaining concentration. It has greater ability to remember, and you remain more refreshing and stress free. Concentration plays a very big role in the formation of the future and is most helpful in achieving goal. Yoga can do in the morning or evening anytime.

Get enough sleep-

Sufficient sleep is absolutely essential for a good mental state, due to lack of sleep, memory loss is lost and there is no mind in any work. 5 to 7 hours sleep is enough.

Use the minimum number of mobile phones-

Now a days, students spend too much time talking on mobile and using social media. This mobile stole your precious time, which can not be found back. Minimize the use of mobile as soon as you start the examination.

Regular practice Make notes of your own-

This advice can be done regularly by writing the necessary points related to each subject, prepare your own revision notes. The notes of the river are readily understood and you can not forget it in the examination. This advice will be very beneficial for achieving your success and goal. Are there. Use of scientific methods like SOSR and mind map will prove to be more effective.

Think Positive – Avoid Negative People

Make the distance from those who scare you in the name of exams and do pessimistic talk. Read some pages of inspirational books every day to remember positive thoughts. Positive thinking results in positive results only.

Believe in self-

He who does not believe in himself does not believe in God. Failure of lack of confidence can lead to failure. To this day you have taken so much examination and have succeeded. It is also a test, without success can not be taken for the success of the examination.

What are the best ways to study
What are the best ways to study

Manage time-

As soon as the examination is approaching, the students focus only on studying only and, due to which they do not pay attention to other activities such as adequate food, walk, etc., and also fall ill, so suggest that give each subject equal time and friends Let’s move around with the ability to exercise and organize actions in the timetable. You have to assess yourself where and where you are wasting time, which time you can use meaningfully to fulfill your goals.

Use the right way to write answers in the exam-

It is often seen. A lot of preparation and studying students can not bring as many points as they could come in line with the study, the reason for this is that the study
But there is a lot of difference in the presentation of the answer. Presentation of the answers to the questions in the exams is important for getting good marks. Practice writing a reply before the examination. Summarization is an art.

Writing too much in less time or less in less words is the key to success. It does not even leave any of your answers written in the answer sheet.

To resolve the question papers of the previous years in the time limit try. To be successful in any exam You will have to make all the preparations according to that examination. If you are taking part in the written examination, then you can understand the fact that you get the marks in the exam only on the basis of the reply you wrote, and not the basis But that’s how much you’ve worked, or what you remember.

How to relieve stress and anxiety
How to relieve stress and anxiety

Pay attention to writing –

Write clear articles to answer questions and answer each question After writing, pull a long line from the black ball pen
Some students are confused as to whom
The more answers will be filled, the better points will be found, which is completely wrong. The answer related to the question is written only. Do not waste time. Columns on either side of the answer sheet (Haasia) do not make.

What not to do –

Shortcut methods are used for different types of pens Experiment, left out anxiety and stress and inconsistencies. All of this will be a hindrance to your success. Use the same pen in the examination so that your article comes beautiful, while answering the answer in the answer sheet, someone can tell you the distraught pen because you do not have the practice to hold on that pen happen.

What is Smog effects ?

air pollution
air pollution

The warning is that the time is to remain vigilant. The pollutant says, the air is poisonous. The story is not of a city of nirvana. The cost of breathing may also be known. The time has come to think on the air.

What is Smog effects ?

66,800 children died due to home-based pollution. It was in 2016. Outdoor air pollution Compared to home pollution. Due to the deaths were 10 percent higher.

Smog, smoke and buried in smoke
The breath is blowing, the smoke is sorted out. Lanken, these smoke are now ours Rutsa has become a reality. This is our 24 actions Hours are connected. Rafakka ‘Gaman’ has a song, ‘Chest Burning is a storm in the eyes, everybody in this city. Is there trouble with a person? ‘ This song everyone’s own The story looks like.

Today is the start of our day It is due to know that today’s city How is Haze and smoke in the sky What is it? Alam, it has happened that we are from home Want to know before going out It is poisonous, let’s see how to avoid poison If the arrangements are there and have to run out The poison will be caught
Every day it is known that the country is called Rudra Children in poverty – people living in NCR, Slowly on the haystack, lungs and whole body Dissolved poison has a very bad effect. The government too Just can not decide what to do

However, Now the talk is not just Rafakali, Barakk The entire country is struggling with smoke and smoke. Leracon  stay away from Ridkali-NCR register Here is the situation here. Day-to-day pain is getting worse. This one day Rasalarsala is not, as the prolonged rise, the cities will get worse Remember, in the last year, Taitt match between Sri Lanka’s racquet teams.

During many times, many mammals of Sri Lankan monkeys Wearing on the field and their complaint was He was going to breathe in the ground, Even some of the guardians were uprooted. At that time some people came from Sri Lanka It was criticized and it was said Deliberately handling this matter. even though Most of the people of this incident from the rank of Rashmag The shores have gone down, but the reality is still not the same. Now people walking on the road, Keep on planting, we do not see airlines, We know today, if not tomorrow, we too will look like this Are coming Recently the Ministry of Indigenous Sciences Started from ‘Rastrum of Air Politics’ Forecourt and Rascat ‘(Travel) has reported that To avoid pollution, like the N-95P-100 It would be better to use sticks. Traveled It is feared that the only time to stop was 2.5. 450 particles in the form of particles of the micron Meter can be 2.5 standards of extrinsic standards PM’s 100 percent cubic meter is fragile People can stare at them. more No nights have been done, when this adiagory was released Just go out of the way if needed. Silley wakes up
How long do you have to stop yourself from going out ? Could Not only this, the last night,

The Supreme Court In his order, said that in Rudakali-NCR Use only green firecrackers. Court by The deadline to set firecrackers was also fixed, Did this happen? Supreme Courtesy Tamil nadu And other states of the country like Puducherry also have crackers
Due to running, there were continued exposures. Supreme Court said that in Tamilnadu and Puducherry Time can be changed, but it will be two hours
Do not be too much. Court had said that
Time of crackers in Tamil Nadu including Tamilnadu Should be between 4-5 to 9-10. With these orders Have we learned something ?

Less than five child is affected by 98% of the PM 2.5 in the country.

Danger inside home Even if there is smoke and smoke shadows in the sky We consider ourselves as a happy family. Our confidence in this matter increases further,
When the Government is told that the house
If you stay inside, you can save from pollution. With our trust and our government’s advice. In return, a report from the UHO makes a claim Five years of air pollution inside homes in India in 2016
66,800 children under age were killed.
These deaths resulted from outside air pollution deaths 10 The percent were much more. Less than five years on physical level
For the children of the age, the home is polluted, outside There is more dangerous shade than pollution. Solid Fuel (charcoal) and itching in kurqing Corrosion to be Death for the Children Makes well. India and In those countries, 98 percent children below five years of age Living, where PM 2.5 is far from the standards is more. On a report, on the basis of a report In the last few years, 38 million children from indoor pollution has died.

92% Poor people die in 2016 Due to pollution.

As far as the matter is of no answer, I have no faith in them. Does Sometimes it is also offered in a big way. Yes, I believe that pollution is a terrible problem in our country, Transaction is the only way to combine the death of every kind with pollution. Not It is also true that the pollution condition, asthma Enhances Bimanrio’s work.

air pollution
air pollution

Old Vehicles

This year, the Supreme Court canceled the 29-Control in air pollution is dangerous in NCR Substituting the REG Told that 10 year old diesel and 15
Prevention of yearly petrol vehicles with immediate effect To be installed. In the prevention of pollution Radical Regions Division of 4 million vehicles Registration canceled Though it is here Wake up, the old man in NCR Will stop, Lekaran poisoned roads across the country When there will be a hammer on all such wheels. The effect of pollution is not affected by any border Is tied. In such a situation, India is not only neighboring India The effect of pollution in India is also affected. And in Arak, it affects the whole afternoon.

Decree of closure of old vessels It is easy, let us also look at those murkalkals Need to shut down the old shaft Will come later. For example, most old ladies It is used in the Paralak transpotate and Burning Transatlantic Blunder The structure is extremely weak. If the old ones Will be removed, arguably for the common people It will be a huge problem. Ralhaza, We also have to find out the rickshaws To be fixed that the end of a problem was second Do not make the beginning of trouble. Pollution is more heavier on the poor In 2015, a report based on ‘The Lancet’ Depending on the condition of 25 million people in India in 2015
Death was done with non-communicable blood, Razzaq The direct connection was from pollution. Maternal mortality. In case of India, second in China after Duranaya Was in the footsteps. No, the second feeder Low and middle income people pollute most Were much charged. Death due to pollution 92 percent of the population kept this eyeball alive.

air pollution

E-Vehicle Wins Can fight

High price, low capacity, less it, reporting of The safety of the security is such that the large e-transport Are not able to become like. A recent lecheron The shocking thing came out that in India, 87% In place of the challenger diesel and petrol, the e-vehicles are ready to use, if they do this Pollution is low. One of 2018’s Ricky Tithy organization According to the report, 11% of India’s emissions
Rahatsa is a tourist and it is polluted in many cities across the country. Is bigger than that. In 20 most polluted cities of Duranaya 14 belong to India Not only about 76 percent of the drip and Lions were saying that their dots, family members And the neighbors were charged with poor quality of air.
Way to see Davao Nearly 4 lakh e-shirts were sold in the last year, Selling more than half of the 2.25 lacs in China alone went.

In the case of Larkan E-Shipings The work is doing nivive. In the new channel sold in the last year in the nova 45 percent were electric electrotrakes. Charging of e-rings in Naveve
The biggest open garage of Duranaya for the maintenance and maintenance has been made. On the streets of Noise, car parking in place Free Charging Points have been made, where e-ships have been made can go. Even in India, the promotion of e-ships The government has decided that the registration of vehicles will be done.

There will be concession in taxes. Larken, the real estate channel To create a blueprint structure, to make For this we can learn from the Noise.

What is Green House Effect and Global Warming?

'Green House Effect' and 'Global Warming'
'Green House Effect' and 'Global Warming'

If we are aware of the ‘green house effect’ then it is also easier to understand ‘global warming’.

What is the ‘Green House Effect

A ‘green house’ is made around a transparent glass or plastic covered area, within which sunlight and heat enter, but do not get out so that the inside temperature remains higher than the outside temperature.

Infrared and ultraviolet rays present in sunlight are entered in the green house, which are planted there Soil, etc., but when they leave these things back they can not get out. The internal temperature of the green house also increases.

'Green House Effect' and 'Global Warming'
‘Green House Effect’ and ‘Global Warming’

This same greenhouse effect also applies to Earth. Radiation of the Sun returns to Earth’s surface space, but some gases such as carbon dioxide have the same function as the Green House for Earth, and the heat and radiation deposits of the sun Due to excessive burning of fossil fuels (gas fuels) like gas oil and coal, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the last few decades There has been a tremendous increase in the amount of Said. As a result, more heat is gathered in the atmosphere, so that the earth is constantly getting warm and the temperature of the earth has increased.

This is ‘global warming’

In this way, the increase in temperature of the earth and due to this due to climate change, is known as ‘Global warming’.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased greatly in recent decades. The massive reduction of forests and vegetation has made the problem more serious. Decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide which is thought by plants through the photosynthesis of forests has come.

We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth
We are Destroying Our Beautiful Earth

It is estimated that due to global warming, the temperature of the Earth’s oceans is increasing by one degree Celsius per decade. ‘Due to global warming, vegetation and organism are destroyed and patterns of rainfall and changes in annual seasons There is a serious threat to the health of humans due to global warming. This leads to increase in the birth of mosquitoes. Malaria dengue And the risk of other fatal diseases like these has increased.

As a result of the increase in temperature, melting of ice cubes and glaciers is also increasing in the form of rise in water level and effects on vegetation and animal life.

However, in spite of this, the common man is not able to understand the problem of ‘global warming’ world. This word sounds a little complicated, so it does not go down to its bottom, and most people think that the world is no longer at risk.

While it is the 21st century’s greatest threat to the earth and humans. is. This danger is believed to be greater than the collision of the Third World War or any esteroid to the Earth.

Green house gases are most responsible

The greenhouse gases are the most responsible for this. These are the gases that absorb the heat from the outside or the heat from the outside. If these gases did not exist then the temperature on the earth from the present. The most important gas in this is carbon dioxide which we leave the living beings with breath. Apart from this Nitrous oxides, methane, chloro-fluoro carbon, ozone etc. are similar gases.

‘Green House Effect’ and ‘Global Warming’


What are the Importance of Rainforest

Importance of Rainforest
Importance of Rainforest

Importance of Rainforest

Rain forests are dense, hot and humid forests. Heavy in these rain forests. There is rains and trees become very tall because they have to compete with other plants for sunlight. Cotton trees found in tropical rain forests around the world can grow up to 200 feet.

The branches of the highest tree and the leaves spread so that they block the light on the trees below. These tall trees make an umbrella over the forest. When a big tree dies and dies. So the spot goes down from the empty space so that a small tree can grow faster and replace it.

Rain forests licking layers :

The first layer is made of those tallest trees which are taller than the rest of the forest.

In the next layer, the leaves and branches of trees are all touching each other or attached to the vines and one above the forest. Most people live in this part of the rain forest. Below this, the third layer is made of small trees and plants which do not require much light.

Importance of Rainforest
Importance of Rainforest

The last layer is the bottom of the forest where only some plants grow because here it is always dark.

Famous Rain Forest Africa is Asia’s rainforest in the Middle and South American continents. The largest rain forest is the Amazon Rainforest. Which is roughly equivalent to the size of the United States. More than half of it Brazil is in but it spreads to several other South American countries, including Ecuador and Bolivia.

Congo is the second largest rain forest in Africa. Some parts of it are spread over other countries except Congo, including Cameron and Central African Republic.

Most and forests are found near or near the equator, where the weather remains hot but some rain forest temperate. Areas grow in areas where this season is slightly cold. In the Olympic National Park on the northwest coast of North America’s Pacific Ocean, Hoh and Forest are examples of temperate rain forests.

Just like tropical rain forests, there is heavy rain in the temperate rain forests too.

Many types of plants also grow in the rain forests. Lianas are thick wooden vines which grow on trees. When these creepers reach the top of the tree, they spread on other trees and climbing down the forest. Goes. Orchidbans and bromelias There are other rain forest plants.

Importance of Rainforest
Coastal temperate rain forest, Drift Creek, Oregon.

The water cycle :

Plants leave the water in the atmosphere. And this water falls on the earth in the form of rain. Rainforest trees 200 every year. You can leave a lot of water to the gallon. This water forms a thick layer of clouds on the rainforest, so it is always hot and moist.

Rainfall in some rain forests is more than one inch per day. And forest not only rains but also carbon dioxide
By helping to absorb the climate, the climate of the world helps keep balance. This is important because the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be more heat and hot.

The Life of the rain forest :

More than half of Dania’s animals live in rain forests. Vampire bat’s giant bats and anaconda (heavy snakes) are found in the rain forests of South America.

Bengal Tiger and Orangutan are found in Asian rain forests and chimpanzees live in Africa’s rain forests.

Many small animals live in rain forests, including ants of dragonfly, tree frog, and at least hundreds of species. Many plants and animals of the rain forest have not yet been discovered.


Importance of Rainforest

What are Benefits of Neem Leaves – Weirdglobe

Benefits of neem Leaves, Benefits of neem
Benefits of neem Leaves

Whether you eat neem leaves, dry husk or oil, it is beneficial in every form

Neem is being used in various types of herbs since ancient times. There have been many benefits of health related issues. Neem leaves have excellent medicinal properties. Even today, many areas of India are bitten by neem leaves to remove mental illness. If there is a toothache, then its teeth are used. If you have any contagious disease, then it is laid on neem leaves because it cleans your system and fills it with energy.

Whether you eat its green leaves, dry leaves or oil, it is beneficial in every form. Ayurveda and recent research have found that neem trees can help fight various types of diseases. Neem capsules are also coming in the market nowadays. They can also be used to avoid many types of physical problems.

Benefits of neem Leaves
Benefits of neem Leaves

Grains in the skin are known to control acne and oily skin in neem

The bitterness in neem prevents the spread of the holes above the skin. In addition to this Antibacterial and anti-viral elements are also found. Some drops of neem oil can make the face beautiful. This also results in skin irritation.

Beneficial in arthritis :

Neem’s herbs are widely used in the treatment of arthritis or arthritis. Especially in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis It helps in reducing joint swelling and pain. A handful of neem .Boil the leaves in a glass of water. Now filter the water and let it cool. Take this water twice a day. By doing this for a continuous month, enough pain in arthritis and swelling will benefit.

Bacterial killers :

There are bacteria around us. Our body is full of bacteria. In a normal size body, there are cells from almost ten trillion and more than 100 trillion contain bacteria. If you are one, then they are ten. There are so many creatures within you that you can not even imagine. Most of these bacteria are beneficial for us. Without them we will not be alive. But there may be something that can cause trouble for us. If you consume neem, then it destroys harmful bacteria in your intestines.

Effective in controlling fungal infections :

Neem is very beneficial in controlling fungal infections. For this, mix Neem oil with coconut oil and place it in the affected area or open the neem capsules and mix the material with organic coconut oil. This mixture controls fungal infections in any part of the body.

Controlling Diabetes :

Controlling diabetics by taking Neem capsules twice a day helps in In the juice of neem leaves, such components are found which reduce the need for insulin patients in diabetes. Besides, to avoid diabetes, it can eat 4 to 5 neem leaves every morning to eat.

Helpful in controlling cholesterol :

Taking a neem capsule daily in plain water helps control cholesterol content. You can also take a spoonful Triphala powder with water every morning.

Abdominal bloating :

With neem capsules twice a day with water, swelling of stomach get rest. Apart from this, it also probes your diet. Try to reduce the amount of tea and coffee intake.

Benefits of neem Leaves
Benefits of neem Leaves

Nail Infection :

To fix any kind of problem in nails such as nail breaks, tearing or tightening etc. Neem is quite beneficial for it. It contains antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, which inhibit various types of infections such as tonal fungus, which occur in nails.

Neem for our body :

Neem is especially beneficial in opening your system with keeping your system clean. Most of all, it is hot in the body produces This kind of heat in the body helps us in creating intense and enormous energy through meditation.

Use in bath :

Mix the ingredients of neem powder or neem capsules in boiled water and leave for overnight. Now take bath with this antibacterial water.

These are Benefits of Neem Leaves


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