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TRAVELLING places providing inspiration for planning the perfect trip. In this category, you will see the best place for travelling in world. As without travelling, life is like prisoner.

Also travelling and tourism also play a major role in country economy. But we discuss about the best place for travelling, travelling place, travel and tourism, touriest places, best place to visit and many more stuff about travelling.tYou can also visit to our weirdglobe website homepage.

What are the Importance of Rainforest

Importance of Rainforest

Importance of Rainforest Rain forests are dense, hot and humid forests. Heavy in these rain forests. There is rains and trees become very tall because they have to compete with other plants for sunlight. Cotton trees found in tropical rain forests around the world can grow up to 200 feet. The branches of the highest tree and the leaves spread so...

What is Mauritius Famous for – Weirdglobe

Does you ever visit mauritius? Located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a very beautiful country. Even after coming away from India, you feel like living in your country. Knowing this place you will not be able to live here ... What is Mauritius Famous for : Famous writer Mark Twain once said that Ishwar(GOD) first created Mauritius and...

Wettest Place on Earth – Weirdglobe

Did You know wettest place on Earth ? Cherrapunji is wettest place on earth. Cherrapunji's bhaga-bhija weather, cold winds, valleys, and the best destination for Cloud Adventure, colliding with the mountains, included in the world's most rainy places. Wettest Place on Earth The rainy season on the mountains is very beautiful and romantic, and then in Cherrapunji, it remains rainy for 12...

What are Things to Do in Berlin ? | Weirdglobe

Things to do in Berlin, Weirdglobe, best things in berlin

Have you ever visit berlin? What are things to do in berlin? Sooner or later you think about it. But you doesn't know much about things to do in berlin. This is best article for you if you are curious to know about berlin. There is best things to do in berlin. This is best place for traveller enthusiast. The city...

13 Facts about Alaska ( Amazing Facts ) – Weirdglobe

Facts about Alaska, Alaska tours, Alaska trip

Have you Know about Alaska ? Do you want to known some amazing facts about alaska? Then read this article full to get know about some amazing facts about alaska that you did't known. Alaska Located in the north-west end of the North American continent, Alaska is a state of the Americas. America's Russian Empire From Alaska on March 30,...

Coolest Place in Belgrade Serbia to Visit – Weirdglobe

Beautiful Places in Belgrade

If you are planning to travel outside of India, instead of going to UK, USA and Australia, go to some place where you can learn the beauty of the city and learn to live with it as well. The list of such Coolest cities includes Belgrade which is the capital of Serbia. Where you can fulfill all your wishes. So you...

What about Statue of Liberty – Tour to Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Tours

Hey! Sooner or later You read the word "Statue of Liberty"But does you know about statue of liberty? and some curious facts of Statue of Liberty? Have you plan for Statue of Liberty Tour? The Statue of Liberty Island locate near the American city New York. The old name of the Island of Liberty was Bedlodge Island. This statue has a...

Top 5 Bird Sanctuaries in India for Bird Watching | Weirdglobe

Thittakad bird sanctuary, weirdglobe,Thittakad boating, top 5 bird sancturies in india

If you love birds, you will also love watching birds or staying with them. If at the same time, if you like to roam, you can roam in Bird Sanctuary or Bird Sanctuary. Come on, Let's know top 5 bird sanctuaries in india for birdwatching. 1. Bharatpur bird sanctuary : The Bharatpur bird sanctuary is situated in Keoladeo Ghana National Park,Rajasthan...

Finland is the happiest country in the world

Finland is the happiest country in the world, weird Globe

Finland is the happiest country in the world : UN Report Here, all travel sports in the world can be enjoyed. Games like trekking, ice hockey,  cycling, boxing, water races can be enjoyed. In the United Nations Happy Indexes, Finland was at number one. While India was 133 th from 122nd. Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan are also ahead of the...

5 Most Beautiful Places in France for Nature Lovers

5 Most Beautiful Places in France for Nature Lovers, weird Globe

5 Most Beautiful Places in France for Nature Lovers You want to go to some place where you get freedom from everyday crowds. Also, if you get a chance to get closer to nature, then you can roam around the best 5 destinations in France. You will not only enjoy going here but also learn a lot of new things. Liberon...


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