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Science and technology is a category in which you read about the science and technology. And mutural interection between them. However, science and technology are two different term of one tree. Nowdays, Science change our world. On the other hand technology make our life comfortable and ease of doing anything.

Let’s see latest technology news in computers, mobile technology news, latest technology gadgets, technology news google, tech news uk and we also see how science play major role in our life pace.

How to increase brain power fast

how to increase brain power fast

Did you ever do that you try to remember something And nothing appear in your mind. It can happen many times in a while. However, Tips have been adopted to remove the weakness of the memory and to increase the power of the brain. Regular Exercise: By Exercise

What is the best way to study?

What is the best way to study?

Each student has the desire to succeed in the examination. To become superior Desire is in the mind of every student. Parents of the students also have the desire that their son, daughter should give herself a full-fledged struggle in this struggle of life and by winning herself, prove her ability and ability. What is the best way to study? ...

What is Smog effects ?

air pollution

The warning is that the time is to remain vigilant. The pollutant says, the air is poisonous. The story is not of a city of nirvana. The cost of breathing may also be known. The time has come to think on the air. What is Smog effects ? 66,800 children died due to home-based pollution. It was in 2016. Outdoor air...

What is Green House Effect and Global Warming?

'Green House Effect' and 'Global Warming'

If we are aware of the 'green house effect' then it is also easier to understand 'global warming'. What is the 'Green House Effect A 'green house' is made around a transparent glass or plastic covered area, within which sunlight and heat enter, but do not get out so that the inside temperature remains higher than the outside temperature. Infrared and ultraviolet...

What are the Importance of Rainforest

Importance of Rainforest

Importance of Rainforest Rain forests are dense, hot and humid forests. Heavy in these rain forests. There is rains and trees become very tall because they have to compete with other plants for sunlight. Cotton trees found in tropical rain forests around the world can grow up to 200 feet. The branches of the highest tree and the leaves spread so...

What are Benefits of Neem Leaves – Weirdglobe

Benefits of neem Leaves, Benefits of neem

Whether you eat neem leaves, dry husk or oil, it is beneficial in every form Neem is being used in various types of herbs since ancient times. There have been many benefits of health related issues. Neem leaves have excellent medicinal properties. Even today, many areas of India are bitten by neem leaves to remove mental illness. If there is...

What to look for when Buying a Laptop – Weirdglobe

what to look for when buying a laptop

If you do not take care of these things before buying a laptop then you may have to repent. While purchasing a laptop, we are often unable to take care of certain things, which we have to bear in the future. If the laptop does not perform according to your mind, then it becomes a lot of trouble for you. What...

What to do if your Phone gets Wet – Weirdglobe

what to do if your phone gets wet ?

You know Many times the phone does not get worse due to falling or drowning, but due to mistakes made by the user, it gets spoiled. Today we are going to tell you that if your phone falls into the water or becomes drenched in the rain, then what are the things you should do immediately and what are the...

How Google is Watching you : 19 things Google know about you

how google watching you, 19 things google know about you

Google is secretly watching your future. Google Also know about location, your voice, e-mail, what is written etc. Does you want to know how google is watching you ? Then this post is helpful for you. Here, We also discuss methods how to prevent yourself from google tracking.Because your privacy is a matter of concern. Google knows these 19 things about...

How to Repair Corrupted Pdf File Online | Corrupted File

How to repair corrupt pdf file

If Your pdf file is corrupted  and you want to know how to repair it ? then this post is really helpfull for you. Sometime, if your important file is corrupted then it is difficult to understand what to do? Here you see best method to repair corrupted pdf file. If the Corrupted PDF file is not open, it means that...