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What are World’s tallest tree ( Biggest Trees in World ) – Weirdglobe

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Did you know world's tallest tree. There are thousands of species of trees in the world. So many types of trees But most of these trees are of Redwood species. In the California province of America, these trees can be up to 300 feet high. Of these, the search for Redwood tree called Hyperion was End on 25 August 2006....

Wettest Place on Earth – Weirdglobe

Did You know wettest place on Earth ? Cherrapunji is wettest place on earth. Cherrapunji's bhaga-bhija weather, cold winds, valleys, and the best destination for Cloud Adventure, colliding with the mountains, included in the world's most rainy places. Wettest Place on Earth The rainy season on the mountains is very beautiful and romantic, and then in Cherrapunji, it remains rainy for 12...

9 Unbelievable facts about science

9 Unbelievable facts about Science

Hey!! do you know 9 unbelievable facts about science? However,you read many fact about science but those post are very long and difficult to read, Here you read one Line unbelievable facts about science 9 Unbelievable Facts About Science  Here you know about some mind blowing facts about daily science. Science is cool and Interesting you know. Humans are fascinated by...

How to study for board exams in one month

how to study for board exams in one month

Throughout the year, students prepare themselves for exams from different books, helpful books. And try to strengthen their roots, but it may be fatal to do this in the last two months of the exam … The CBSE has announced the date of the examination. And the concern has started to increase among the...

What is million, billion, and Barrel

what is million, billion, and Barrel

Many units are used in the world for measurement. Some of these are standard units, then some common colloquial Used to be popular in the past. What is million, billion, and Barrel Although, most people have heard about these units, but they actually have fewer information about them. Here are your information about different units of measurement and weighing. 1 barrel = 159...

Best Cheapest country to travel in world :

Cheapest countries to travel from India

This post include Cheapest country to travel in world. If you are planning foreign travel in a lower budget then the idea of ​​going to Bangladesh will be best. There are many options to go around for which you do not have to spend a lot of money … Bangladesh has one or two...

What is the best way to study?

What is the best way to study?

Each student has the desire to succeed in the examination. To become superior Desire is in the mind of every student. Parents of the students also have the desire that their son, daughter should give herself a full-fledged struggle in this struggle of life and by winning herself, prove her ability and ability. What is the best way to study? ...


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IT'S The Deepest place on Earth: MARIANA TRENCH INTRODUCTION : About it It is located in the Western Pacific ocean IN JAPAN , It is an 'V' shaped valley it's width is about 31 miles. There is so much depth of Mariana Trench that even the sunlight and the fish can not reach the whole of marina trench, and still can survive...

How to relieve stress and anxiety – Weirdglobe

How to relieve stress and anxiety

Let me tell you the technique of getting stress free. These methods will make you feel a bit complicated, but unlike them, it is really easy and bringing down your blood pressure, removes the exhaustion of slowing down. Ask yourself if you are in stress. sometimes The answer is equally clear, so you ask yourself whether there is tension in...

13 Facts about Alaska ( Amazing Facts ) – Weirdglobe

Facts about Alaska, Alaska tours, Alaska trip

Have you Know about Alaska ? Do you want to known some amazing facts about alaska? Then read this article full to get know about some amazing facts about alaska that you did't known. Alaska Located in the north-west end of the North American continent, Alaska is a state of the Americas. America's Russian Empire From Alaska on March 30,...